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  1. Jacques Vesery

    Galleries in Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia

    Thanks to anyone looking into this, but I have found what I need... the galleries are legitimate. JV
  2. Jacques Vesery

    New Work by Vesery

    Dank u zeer Leon Do you think it is too complicated? it is very small as teapots go. JV
  3. Jacques Vesery

    Galleries in Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia

    Thanks Tom.. I am not convinced it is one of those but still cautious. I have had success with some overseas deals and so far no problems.... as for gallery websites, one of my best galleries does not have a website.. they just don't see the need [ of course the owner is the son of Joan Witney Payson...so] Any of you Eastern European TCP members have any thoughts on this? Thanks again Tom
  4. Jacques Vesery

    New Work by Vesery

    since my last post was a boring one I feel obligated to post something of more interest..... "My Growing Passion for Green Tea" 2008 6'' H x 5" W x 3" D carved/ textured cherry, ebony, linen, acrylic [for "Hot Tea" exhibit at delMano Gallery ] and "Pebbles to a Sea's Stone" 2008 3.3" x 2.8" D carved/textured cherry, [for SOFA NY] enjoy JV
  5. Bonjour mes amis I need some help from the carving path wisdom and insight dept. .... I have been contacted by a gallery owner in Russia claiming to have several galleries in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities dealing in mostly japanese art objects by people given the title "Cultural heritage of Japan". Is anyone out there familiar with any such galleries? Has anyone else had inquires that sound like this? Thanks Jacques
  6. Jacques Vesery

    Wunderlichs Page

    Karl great site... simple yet stylish. I really like your pc. titled "Trotzkopf" would love to see other views of this. Jacques
  7. Jacques Vesery

    Jacques Vesery's new website

    great... thanks JV
  8. Jacques Vesery

    Design/Bid Charges

    Mark on Mike's suggestion , I'll jump in here... I have two recent experiences which may or may not be of help. Normally I do not take commission work as a rule, and haven't for several years. They always made me feel like the work was forced... the clients always seemed happy, but I never thought of those pieces as my best work.... with that said; I have a gallery in Tacoma WA that asked me to take on a commission for a client that wanted my work. He saw a piece in a recent exhibit there but the pc. was sold. I of course gave the gallery my speel on NOT doing commissions [ short of stating, i'd rather pump gas]... no was not good enough and after badgering me, I drew up plans with options, we went back an forth [with great difficultly I might add] came to an agreement on all aspects and I agreed to do it. THEN they threw in the client wanted me to use wood from his property.... ugh! DON"T EVER DO THIS!!!!! Trust me... and again I said no way and was badgered again... so, very long story short. I finished the pc. almost two years later... basiclly at a loss because the wood was problematic [i believe case hardened from a kiln]. The pc. looks good and only feedback I got was, the client was hoping that the exposed wood [curly maple] was prettier ... UGH! Bottom line is I should stood my ground ten fold and will in the future... until they pry to chisel from my cold fingers. If we had not gone any further than the designs, my plan was to charge a minimal fee and have told the gallery that from start, which they agreed on. They also required a 1/3 before I started and if the client did not take the pc. he would have lost the deposit and the gallery would have the right to sell the pc. eslewhere. On a different front; I was asked to do design / renderings for LL bean through a friend who just finished a big new Trout stream tank in their new hunting store in Freeport ME. Although they did not use much of the design components I drew, they payed for all the designs. I gave them an hourly rate which included meeting/ travel time for the project. I did not have to create anything else so, it is not quite the same thing, but I think in both cases it was pretty straight forward... somewhat frustrating on both counts though. Hope these examples help in some way....Gotta go... Citco is calling Jacques bean_tank_iso_w__overlay.tiff
  9. Jacques Vesery

    Jacques Vesery's new website

    Thanks Tom, Ford and Mike for your kind words....did anyone have any trouble or see any funky type, etc. ??? first, the leather texture came about from the idea of the glove in the collab. top with bonnie klien...I like it too, although some of my peers think it is just a way for my to speed up the process. Yes the smooth areas go a bit faster than feathers, but the sticthing can take twice as long... as many of you know already, it not about time, it's about outcome. second, the palettes have been a nice addition to what I exhibit. The show I had in Florida last Feb. had three framed palettes along with the pieces, which worked out well. One sold with the matching piece and one separate... an oil painter who shows in the same gallery said " oh I didn't know you abstract watercolors as well?" She and her husband bought the set...... third, technical engineering? Interesting Mike... I am curious what makes you think that? The closest I come is being a submarine in navy... oh, and I was the first Zamboni driver in Hawaii [really] but that is about it. As for Marketing, we all know that is a tough one. I have been very lucky... good karma I guess. Things always seem to fall in place, and I can't seem to keep up. I will try to chime in on the bid charge discussion as you suggest ASAP. Thanks again Jacques
  10. Jacques Vesery

    Jacques Vesery's new website

    Thanks Janel... hope all is well JV
  11. Jacques Vesery

    Jacques Vesery's new website

    Bonjour mes amis Sorry to have been so absent from the forum for soooooo long. Busy, busy.... Can not keep up. In fact I just put two exhibit commitments on my calendar for Feburary..... of 2010! Ugh! I did take some time at the end of the year to build a website finally. I never thought I would, since my Galleries do such a good job in representing the work... but.... A publisher that is doing a book call "New Masters in Woodturning has included my in the book [due out this spring?] insisted in listing a website, so bit the bullet and did it kicking screaming the whole way Please take look when you have a chance... any input for improvements will be greatly appreciated... note the music on the slide may not work for everyone. I am working out a few bugs still. There are some newer pieces here and there on the site.... enjoy Jacques www.jacquesvesery.com
  12. Jacques Vesery

    new pc. for "Hot Tea" @ delMano Gallery

    I like asymmetry as well and the opal becomes a hidden treasure [almost]... my intention was a subtle distraction. As for use, almost all the teapots I have made can be used [ well in the sense that they have the proper openings and such] and some have been gilded on the interior also... they are always finished in some way on the inside, but the true intent is as an artist/ scuplturual interpetation. The bottom line? There is a large amount of teapot collectors out there and with what they pay for these things, I don't expect they will use them... but hey, after the check is deposited, they can do whatever they want with it , right? And no, I am not french, just of swiss french decent [ with lots of Italian and some german mixed in]. If you think my german and french are bad, you should here me speak english? { I grew up in New Jersey close to NY city} A' bientot
  13. Jacques Vesery

    new pc. for "Hot Tea" @ delMano Gallery

    vielen Dank Dino This piece started on the lathe, with the shoulder left very thick... then sculpted to the form before texturing. The spout is a separate piece but didn't need to be... I orginaly thought I would make the spout out of a contrasting wood but then went with the cherry in the end... I think it would have been a distraction from the rest of the form. The opal is at the base of the metal handle caught in the groove of the form... photos don't do it justice... it is a beautiful, high end piece of opal meant to look like a shard of shell or other ocean debris lodged in the space from the surf..... As for the nails and the handle... all are sterling silver, formed then heat treated and patinated with chemicals to create the color..... good questions... I hope my answers are clear bis folgendes Mal Jacques
  14. Attached images must have gone to the internet abyss so here it is again... sorry bon jour mes amie here is a pc. I just finished for an annual exhibit "Hot Tea" at delMano Gallery in Los Angeles.... enjoy.... "Relic of a Tidal Tea Time" 2007 7" x 6" x 7" H carved/textured cherry, oxidized silver with blue patina, opal, acrylic
  15. Jacques Vesery

    Hello from Florida!

    Bon jour John! glad to see you found "The Path" ... can't wait to see some work. You should be careful searching the name vesery... you never know what you may findhttp://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/style_images/1/folder_post_icons/icon8.gif....and if you search my mother's maiden name, Bassolino? man, the connects may be scaryhttp://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/style_images/1/folder_post_icons/icon10.gif hope all is well Jacques