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  1. This might help.. i use ask.com or youtube a lot when i try differen techniques.... https://chestofbooks.com/home-improvement/woodworking/Carpenter-Gilder/To-Stain-Ivory-Or-Bone-Red.html
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    hello, Im new here and look forward to learning from everyone.Im married and a grandma of 67 years from Montana and farmed for 48 years til we lost it a few years ago. I have always loved collecting wood and rocks from the land and turning something creative into each project. Ive been carving for some time but hope to do some new projects that ive wanted to try. One is checkering on gunstocks since I recently obtained some checkering tools from an old gunsmith. I know I will enjoy being here and hope I can be of some support to others. I will post some pictures when I figure out how to post them@@ Im a lot slow !!
  3. carvinmom


    Hello, ive been carving for some time now and still seem to have trouble carving eyes. I have a problem with the concave of the eye also. I use a straight knife and i know this wont work for concave projects. I especially need a tool idea for small eyes, which i carve many santa ornaments. I can handle the big projects with my bigger gouges. is there some helpful ideas on what i can do? I really enjoy all the support and help from so many woodcarvers who are willing to show there experience. Ive been ready some of the post and taking notes... thank for your time and information, Linda in Montana
  4. Hi, Im new here but a long time woodcarver who would like to learn some channel inlaying with metal or wood. Im very interested in cobblestone inlay but can not find very much information on the subject. Im not sure if this is a small project but i could make it small. Ive got lots of scraps of rocks and wood id like to use up and not waste. If theres some info out there id sure appreciate it. If i can lend some help in anyway sure let me know.... thanks linda in montana
  5. Hi, just came across your obsidian carving and thought id try some black obsidian i have. Im a new member but sure see theres lots of info on this group. I am going to try the diamond burrs to shape the obsidian with a foredom hand tool i have. I was wandering how you shaped your piece and what you ended up doing, like polishing and sanding.. thanks for showing your beautiful piece of art . Im a woodcarver but am trying some soapstone and other rocks but am new to the gemstone carving. Hope i did this right its my first post... thank you, carvinmom in montana
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