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    burl - removing the bark - how to?

    Pressure seems to be the answer. I have seen burls cleaned up for sale and every bit of bark is gone. Can't remember if the guy used water pressure blaster or sand blaster but blasting is the way forward, have fun.
  2. pete

    Creating the Knotted Ridge Lashing

    Hi guys, as far as the knotted ridge lashing goes the original book diagram will work for you if you visualise where the chords journey goes when it disapears behind the carving. Follow it carefully and let the info sink in. it's all there. The best way for me to understand it is that the chord makes a journey to the left, through the loop and then a journey to the right, through the loop and then repeat. Seems you guys have already worked it out, however this may help someone else. The other reason I posted is that an easy supplier for waxed chord is your local saddler, saddler supplies or any horse gear related shop. You can buy it by the spool. Cheers
  3. pete

    New member

    Thanks Jim, Think I might read through much of what is allready posted here before I start asking the same old Qs
  4. pete

    New member

    Hi all. I dable in woodturning, cabinetwork, small box making. I am currently exploring bone carving in figurative form however my results lack much detail. Hopefully I can progress with my ideas here. Thank you.