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  1. My commiserations, Janel, and hoping you have many happy memories of your mother. All best wishes to you and your family.
  2. I've just received "The Art of Carving Netsuke" by Peter Benson, Guild of Mastercraftsmen Publications, May 2010, £16.99. I haven't had time to go through it yet, but will put up some comments when I have. It also has quite a few illustrations of Netsuke, old and contemporary. Amazon is doing a deal: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Art-Carving-Netsuk...n/dp/1861086822
  3. Welcome from Glasgow. With a name like Sandy Seton-B. you'd be having some Scottish blood, I take it?
  4. A really beautiful set of tools, Ron. I hope you enjoy using them.
  5. The turtle's very lifelike, Janel, and the case is very elegant. It's a good contrast.
  6. Welcome, Penny. I'm in the UK, too - Glasgow. There's lots on the site to interest you if you decide to take up small carving. If I remember rightly, there was a student from Plymouth C. of A. who was on the site last year looking for help and contacts as nobody at the college could help him. You'll need to search through the introduction section for new members to find him, though. Don't let the lack of expertise at the college lead to giving up; it's pretty usual for the UK art/craft scene and most of us outside of Japan have to learn through DIY methods initially, which is why the few sites like this are invaluable. Good luck.
  7. That's lovely, Oleg. The feathers and claws are particularly well carved. Well done!
  8. fkvesic


    Intelligence abounds on this forum but common sense sometimes gets lost. True. A case in point is the imputation of personal motives in post #37 to the comments Clive made in relation to himotoshi. I don't know about in the States, but in the UK this could well come under the laws of libel, particularly as it could be construed as detrimental to professional standing, and result in court action. It's one of the reasons why this discussion needs to be about the methodology itself, or about the concept of critique and should certainly be one of the reasons why moderators of this board need to discourage ad hominem/personal remarks openly, whoever makes them, and not allow them to remain displayed on the forum, otherwise the owners of the board could be sued, as could the person making those comments. There have certainly been cases in the UK where the court has found in the complainant's favour. The passage at issue: Clive is bursting with envy! Clive has already tried to discuss my Himotoshi on the INS forum but he has been stopped very hardly by another member of the INS forum, not by me or my collector! The moderator has deleted Clive's reply. Doesn't it mean that nobody wants such debate? Only Clive needs this debate for his own promotion! Not only do such unprofessional comments bring the netsuke world into disrepute, I was also present on the INS board at the time of the dispute there and both Clive's and Natasha's comments and responses and the response of one other person were removed by the moderator; they were told to take the argument elsewhere. Later, there was a continuation of the discussion, which was allowed to stand because it was conducted in reasonable tones. Distorting the facts doesn't help what could be an amicable disagreement, provided both parties are open to a cool and objective discussion.
  9. fkvesic


    Both encouragement and critique are important to the growth of any artist, as any art student knows from their own training days. There are ways to give a critique. Probably the best way is to involve asking questions of the person who has put up the piece of work. That, together with pointing out what jars in the opinion of the critique-giver and maybe some helpful suggestions, may well start off further thought processes for the artist. Of course, the exercise means that tact needs to be employed, but sometimes a straight comment will get through much quicker. It's difficult to offer the latter on a talkboard because the recipient misses the tones of voice and inflections which may accompany them in real life and may then misjudge them as aggressive, but that's not to say it shoudn't occasionally be undertaken. What is not helpful is encouragement only: nobody progresses far if that's the only response to posting a piece.
  10. You've caught the submission/dominance theme well. Well done, Natasha!
  11. Welcome, Lachlan. There's lots on bone carving on the site for you to find. Enjoy the learning curve.
  12. It's been interesting to follow the progress on the ryusa, dante. I'm curious to see the finished article. On the variations of the size of hole, I wonder if it would be possible to avoid big holes and have, instead, workable medium-size ones. Having big holes detracts the eye from the rest of the carving somewhat. Just a thought. I'm aware, though, that it might not be possible when working with stone.
  13. Very skilled, Oleg. I particularly like the leather-like quality you've captured for the purse.
  14. Happy New Year, everybody.
  15. fkvesic


    Happy Christmas and a good New Year everybody. It's -8 degrees here and still snowing, with more to come, though it's not as deep as in Natasha's pic. Oddly, we have a climbing rose with some blooms on - covered with snow. Will post a pic later. (edited)
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