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  1. Hello Jim Should be the same as quartz .And you should avoid tools that vibrate or you will have chipping Marcel Beaudry
  2. Hello Janel Could be a fossil Marcel Beaudry
  3. Hello I know of one place where you can get the blades ,you have to make your own handle . No they are not hard to sharpen http://www.leevalley.com/en/wood/Page.aspx?p=43352&cat=1,130,43332,43339 Marcel Beaudry
  4. Try this tool called hook tool http://seanhellman.blogspot.ca/2010/06/hook-knife-finish.html Marcel Beaudry
  5. Janel Try this site http://www.traditionalwoodworker.com/Carbide-Burrs-1_8-Shank-Made-in-Germany/departments/199/ You will surely find what you need Marcel P,S You can try kutzall burrs they are quite agressive
  6. Please take a look at this catalog northamericanrotary.com/catalog.pdf Page 20 of the catalog you will find your wheel shape burrs Marcel Beaudry
  7. Have a look at this http://www.cascosrl.it/en.cameoproduction.htm Marcel
  8. Hello They are called EFB graver's. The one that is bent is for engraving inside rings. Marcel Beaudry
  9. Hello Marck Please have a look at http://www.fws.gov/lab/ivory_natural.php it is a publication of the us goverment Marcel
  10. Hello Jo Please have a look at the following page AJH-KNIVES.COM you may find what you need Marcel Beaudry
  11. hello Dan Yes it is a good buy if you want more info on diamond tools go see diamond tech And with diamond tools do not push too hard let the diamond do it's work ,and use plenty of water Marcel Beaudry
  12. Hello Dan Yes the lap is just a flat disk Marcel
  13. Hello Dan First a lap is just a simple plate of steel plated with diamond . As for a grinding wheel it as to be machined for the precision needed and contain much more material to make Marcel
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