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    Bone carving, stone carving, turkey carving, blacksmithing and metal casting, ceramics, woodworking, storybook illustrating, and graphic designing. I also collect coins, stamps, and curios.
  1. CalvinDrews

    Relief Carving in Wood

    Thank you so much! This explaines the process VERY well and answers all of my questions. I will have to try it myself!
  2. CalvinDrews

    Wooden Moth

    This is a moth I carved out of some nameless hardwood I picked up at an exotic flooring store in Traverse City, Michigan. I haven't been carving for very long, so my work isn't exactly sensational...Comments, criticism, and tips are welcome! I hope these pictures aren't to big...I tried to get them as small as possible. MOTHBACK.bmp MOTHFRONT.bmp
  3. CalvinDrews

    wooden chain bracelet

    WHAT! No way, are you serious? That's incredible! How much time do you think you spent carving that? I want to try it... do you have any tips?
  4. CalvinDrews

    Almost done!!

    Ok...this may seem like a VERY broad question... How on earth does one carve a relief? I have never seen it done before. Is there some clever trick? Or tool? I MUST know
  5. CalvinDrews

    Miniatures, huh?

    Ohmygoodness. Thanks for the link!
  6. CalvinDrews

    Recent work in bone

    Great work! I never thought of using peroxide as a bleaching agent. The first hook is my fave! What kind of tools did you use to carve them? Did you use motorized tools? Or did you do it all by hand? Um... these pictures are HUGE. Janel (along with other people) might not be able to load this page before the next ice age.
  7. CalvinDrews

    not just for fun...

    WOW! That's incredible! Great job. I wish I could make stuff like that
  8. CalvinDrews

    Happy Anniversary to The Carving Path!

    This is a great resource for everycarver... Thanks!
  9. CalvinDrews

    Antler coloration

    I have heard of smoking it... but I do not know how. :)
  10. CalvinDrews

    Starting from raw ivory

    A band saws works great for me, and the band saw I use actually burns wood and never ivory! try it.
  11. CalvinDrews

    Hey Hey, new guy on the forums.

    Aha! I am the bone expert! What you need is a dremel. The bone can be purchased at PetSmart... it is called sterilized bone. The bone comes pre-cleaned and pre-decreased (though not very well...). You will need some kind of mask if you use a band saw to rough cut the pieces. Tools: >>Dremel with cutting disk, drum sander, buffing wheels (one for each kind of compound), and a cone shaped grinder bit (they are yellow to pink in color. looks like sand glued to steel rod) >>Sand Paper. Maybe 400 grit to 6000 (not all the in between, just a variety) >>Coping saw. Get a variety of blades. All I have seen work pretty much the same. >>Buffing Compound. I do not know where you live, but if you have a Menards nearby then they have all the tools and compounds you will need (except the coping saw. I am not sure if they stock). Watch this video: If I remember anything else I will post...
  12. CalvinDrews

    Natasha's birthday

    Happy birthday Natasha! I hope it is a good one!
  13. CalvinDrews


    My goodness yes... machinery.. I once drilled a hole straight through my finger! Owowow! only 1/16 though.
  14. CalvinDrews

    japanese puzzle box

    I have made 2. One was a 2 step box and one was an unexpected single step and EASY to make box.
  15. CalvinDrews


    Genius ideas! Janel I like your idea. I will try it as soon as I get back from all this holiday running around with family stuff . Thanks, Calvin