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    Peach pit carving, nut carving & various nut shell crafts.
  1. J.J. Smith

    Peach Pit carving book.

    I about forgot, while trying to locate this book, I found out that he also authored Wann’a monkey around a little bit? : a brief introduction to a very old art/craft form, published in 1992. I also recently found an article on him in the American Woodworker magazine, October 1994.
  2. J.J. Smith

    Peach Pit carving book.

    Will do !
  3. J.J. Smith

    Peach Pit carving book.

    Just thought I'd post a follow-up... I was able to locate the authors family, and his son is reprinting his books. They should be completed by spring 2010.
  4. J.J. Smith


    I'd like to suggest a free program, that I use to edit photos. IrfanView -- http://www.irfanview.com/ The download is relatively fast, even for dial-up users and the controls are easy to master. Open the photo you want to edit, Open IrfanView, Click Image, Click Resize / Resample, Click New Size, Click 640x480, Click OK, Click File, Click Save. IrfanView has many more features that are better than the basic photo editing programs and is much easier to learn than some other advanced sites. It's worth checking out.
  5. J.J. Smith

    Peach Pits anyone?

    Thought I'd add a photo of the pit monkey key guard that I carry every day. I added some CZ eyes after I took the photo though.
  6. J.J. Smith

    Peach Pits anyone?

    Hey Joe, Been carving pits for some time now, but not nearly as long as you. Really liked the buffalo. Hope to see some more pics too. J.J. Smith
  7. J.J. Smith

    Peach Pit carving book.

    I've checked, on the web, a while back. I thought with the international scope of the forum, here, someone may have seen one. Thanks.
  8. J.J. Smith

    Peach Pit carving book.

    I've seen this book pop up , from time to time, when I check the web for new Pit Carving content. Does anyone know where there is an extra copy of it? Thanks, J.J. Smith Concerning the practice of peach pit carving (Unknown Binding) by W. C Leonberger (Author) Availability: Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Product Details Unknown Binding: 24 pages Publisher: W.C. Leonberger? (1993) Language: English ASIN: B0006RZ8KY Average Customer Review: No customer reviews yet. Information from AMAZON.
  9. J.J. Smith


    Bev, I'm new here, (and feeling totally inadequate), but I think that your compass piece is great. I'd sure like to see it opened up an all of its axis. J.J. Smith
  10. J.J. Smith

    Peach Pits anyone?

    I realize that it's been over 3 years since the original post, but I've been trying to find out about Herb Merritt. Was he an author, carver, or did he just pass on misc, articles on peach pit carving? I know that Carving Peach Pits by R. V. Dietrich is usually the first item that is listed when you perform an Internet search and is one of the better sources of information. Thanks, J.J. Smith
  11. J.J. Smith

    About Where in the World

    Hi Janel, I just joined The Carving Path. Looks like a good idea to map the members. I'm located about 20 miles North-West of Columbia, SC. J.J. Smith
  12. J.J. Smith

    New Member

    Mornin' Carving Path, I've passed through this site, from time to time, and I noticed some new activity in the "Peach Pits Anyone" topic, and thought it might be a good time to join and to try to get a bit more inrormation from the site. I enjoy carving peach pits and have been carving small things, from them, for a few years now. I'm looking forward to exploring the files for tips on carving techniques and tools. Thanks, J.J. Smith