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  1. Welcome. It looks like you know how to brew the creative juice. John
  2. Have a good trip and a safe return.
  3. You sure know how to sharpen a tool and use it properly. Thanks for sharing. John
  4. Drilling a hole where you want is a basic skill in any workshop and the standard practice is to use a center punch or awl to give the drill bit a place to start. Layout your hole with a marker of some sort, use an awl or other sharp object to create a starting point for the drill and then drill. You might try drilling your hole early and carve the design true to the hole. Or pick/create a design that doesn't need a hole. Drills like to pull away from center in many materials. A drill press and some sort of solid tie for the object are the best bet in that case. Try a different dri
  5. Welcome and thanks for sharing your excellent work.
  6. Rod, I hope you find solace in your carving. Maybe find a big stick and carve it down to a toothpick for a start. I'm glad your back. Hang in there. John
  7. I have some general purpose tables. No matter the size it needs mass if your going to pound, rasp and other heavier work. I also like a lip around the edge to clamp. I like the fine particle board for a top. When I built my airplane I could bondo jigs to the top and knock them loose when done. If needed I can drill into the top and in general treat it rough because it's easy and cheap to replace. A big part of your design will depend on your vise choice and other clamping methods. When it comes to the fine work I have a station at the end of my big table with my carving stand and a pl
  8. Looks good. Well finished and presented.
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