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  1. Janel

    The carving path

    Dear Bonnie, Thank you. Your succinct observations are sincerely appreciated. Further your offer of support is marvelous. I am trying to research what and how to make the forum appear on the archiving web site. There is a learning curve with that, it is not yet performing as I would like to see it. Meanwhile, please everyone, post and ask questions on The Carving Path forum and keep the information flowing. Thank you again Bonnie, you are immensely perceptive and helpful. Janel
  2. Janel

    Very helpful

    Asking questions along your exploration path helps all who read the Q & A. I will try to be helpful with answers if I know them. Keep your tools sharp and carve away from your flesh! Janel
  3. Janel

    The carving path

    Hello Bonnie, Thank you for your thoughtful message content. I do continue to consider taking a step towards not keeping the forum live for interaction between members. In the past years I have learned of a website archiving site. A while back a silent admin/friend added the url to this archiving site, but shortly afterward the push to change url from http:// to https:// for internet security occurred so the direct link to the active forum stopped on the day that I had that change made to TCP's url. I have finally connected the dots for that archive not updating ... and recently entered the https url version. It is too soon to know how often or how well the archive will work. I will follow it for a while to be sure the occasional postings are included, and then might consider making a change to refer all searches to the online archive. It is my understanding, and sincere hope, that this archive will make available all of the years of collected wisdom and communications to seekers of information about carving in the smaller scale, materials, tools, hopes and dreams. It has been difficult to even arrive at this decision and mindset, but change is inevitable for everything and I am having to accept that regarding my relationship with this forum. On a more personal note, I do understand about being extremely work oriented to achieve financial goals. It can be wearing. Working for real income and a regular paycheck is not in my experience so the pressure is constantly on to work long hours while knowing that sales are not guaranteed. A three day weekend show could be rained out, the audience could be show weary, and on and on. A nod to my story, the massive audience shift with clients aging out of collecting can become a life-changer. Yet, I continue to be self-employed with the naive hope that if I make it the audience will be there ... for pottery now, not netsuke. Sorry, not necessarily on topic. I admire you for having work that stimulates and supports you financially, and for having a part of your life devoted to carving explorations and all that goodness that focused activity brings to one's wellbeing. We all struggle to seek a balance with all the parts of our lives. I am hopeful that you will find that point and be able to purchase the home you are hoping for. I have met many, many wonderful people here. You included, having met you in the more recent years. Your financial support has been marvelous and generous, and has been a great encourager to keep the site open for a longer period of time. Thank you for your willingness to make another contribution. You are a special person! Janel
  4. Janel

    Summer greeting from Tokyo Japan

    Kiyoshi Yoshii, I hope that the weather evens out for you in Tokyo. We have had weather extremes in my region of the USA, but today is going to be a perfect summer day, not too hot and not too cold. A rarity. It is fun to see your new perpetual motion machines. Thank you for posting the links to watch them. Janel
  5. I like seeing the drawing/plan for the piece. The reversal of the image on the Hei Toki reminds me of what would happen when I prepared a composition for the carved porcelain that I used to do in the '80's and '90's. The sketch was done on tracing paper as a line drawing first, then shading was done on the reverse side. This method offered a 'plan' for depth of carving with varying degrees of darkness. The deeper the porcelain clay removal the more glaze would accumulate in the firing as the glaze melted and flowed. That also would make the higher parts lighter as the glaze flowed. Such drawings as yours can be very helpful to do in positioning the elements for balance, the way the eye moves around or is directed to move according to particular nuances ... It is good to see your thought process here. Janel
  6. Hi Robert C, Thank you for sharing the images, and for figuring out how to downsize them. I am enjoying trying to "see" the different imagery between the positive and negative spaces on the top, right pendant image. The lashing on that one is nicely done, also. What are you using for the pigments on the colored pieces? Janel
  7. Janel

    Stormy Weather

    Hey Ed, Good news about the hip, I hope that recovery is steady. Stick with the PT, needless to say. I hope that your area weathered the storm and rain totals well. We are having the hot and humid weeks of summer here. For those of us used to long winters, these days are a challenge. But, we waited all winter for them, so we try to revel in them! Best wishes for your recovery, Janel
  8. Janel

    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome to you Martyn!
  9. Hello Charles Wu, Thank you for the full color images, it is beautiful. I appreciate knowing about the student learning skills from you. This person has an excellent teacher. Janel
  10. Janel

    Spring greeting from Tokyo

    I enjoyed the tubular bells! Janel
  11. Hello Charles, I enjoy looking at the progression of steps to your work. It is also very interesting to see the original from which you are working as guidance. Will you also add patina? Janel PS: The forum has been a very quiet place for some time. Thank you for posting.
  12. Janel

    Hello from Oregon

    Hi Mike! Welcome to The Carving Path forum. Janel
  13. Janel

    old guy, new here

    Hello Bruce Cana Fox, Welcome! It is good to know that you have found some good information stored here on the forum! Janel
  14. Janel

    The carving path

    Hello Ed, Thank you so much for your very thoughtful and encouraging words. I remain hopeful that this forum and its many years of generous information, archived here since January of 2005, will be helpful to others. If anyone wishes to make a financial contribution towards the forum's expenses, that generosity would be appreciated. I know, it is tacky to ask for $$$ but keeping the forum open and on the web has its ongoing costs. Ed, I am sorry to read that you are slowed by pain. Thank you again for your kind words, and I hope that you are able to carve and create from time to time. Janel