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  1. I apologize but I do not know how to answer that question. It would be good to be able to do so. Lets hope that they do not need fixing!
  2. I have two NSK micrometers. They are different from one another, though at the moment I do not have their descriptions at hand. The first was purchased new, the other used, purchased from another carver met through this forum. They both work well. I set them up to use different sized collets for the two main tool bit diameters. A time saver, mainly. One has a manual speed dial, the other is foot pedal speed controlled. The original machine I used for heavy waste removal. It has held up well. The other unit uses finer bits. That said, for the majority of days and hours I spent carving any piece, one day was for roughing in a piece, the rest of the time was done with files and knives/scrapers. I never perfected finish work by rotary tool, preferring the careful development of detail that only hand tools can produce. I noticed recently that the original unit's hand-piece on-off button has deteriorated, having become not like its original self. I am not sure what the next step for that little thing will be, but the tool itself works beautifully. Janel
  3. Roystone, thank you for the link! Janel
  4. On the forum there are topics and posts about extraction fans of all sorts, from built in with capture trays to a box fan with a filter the same size as the fan ... all designed to capture the dusts. Filters should have the best rating for smallest particle capture. Here is one among many results from a search (upper right corner of window) using "extraction":
  5. Janel

    Hello from Japan

    Welcome back! Janel
  6. Hi Rebecca.D, Use some search terms in the Search option at the upper right of the page. Using ' antler ' would be a good start. There has been much discussion about carving this material. Sorry to deflect answering, but there is a wealth of information already posted on the forum about carving antler, tusk and bone, in much broader detail than a singular response could give. Your first ' Search ' response will present a lot of reading material, and will launch your pursuit of answers and recommendations easily. Let us know how your concept is working out. Janel
  7. It is good to read that you were using water while drilling. There is good reason to not breath the dust from drilling or working with shell materials. There are topics and posts about this on the forum from past years' contributions. Janel
  8. Welcome to you Edward S, Folks check in from time to time. Meanwhile, you can find topics from earlier years about coin carving by using the SEARCH function or by using a search engine mentioning The Carving Path in the terms. I hope that you find some good tips in the knowledge stored within the forum. Janel
  9. Maybe cheap bears a higher price than purchasing quality and fewer? Is there a grain to the material? Top to bottom instead of bottom to top perhaps? Wood and some antler does matter for with and against the grain when carving by hand and by power. Janel
  10. I like how you could see the diving bird in the form! I look forward to seeing more later. How is your location holding up to the weather these months? Janel
  11. Todd, I am glad that you are resourceful and can make the tools to suit your needs! Thank you for posting your question and answers. Janel
  12. Hello Yoshi, I agree with you that creative work is a very good way to move forward with life during these times. Additional joy for me is spending time in the garden and watching things grow. Janel
  13. Yoshii, You are being very busy this summer with your inventions! I laughed out loud with Ako-Chan shooting off fireworks! Well done and surprising! With each piece I do enjoy your technical explanations of how each of the creations work. I hope that you remain well and happily busy, Janel
  14. Hello Douglas, The tools should be of a size that will work on the scale that you wish to carve. For me, those would likely be too big for netsuke-sized pieces. As for quality, I will leave that up to others to offer their opinions. What ever the tool, always keep them sharpened while in use, and cut away from the flesh. As you use tools, your work will begin to tell you what is working to do your intentions, and what you might need to add to your array. My most indispensable tools I have in a range from that of a needle-diameter to 1/4" diameter, for example. Janel
  15. Welcome to you Don! What did you color the bone with? Janel
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