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  1. Hi Justin, I think that these days bandwidth is not a problem now. It would be good to see the images here if you can add them to your post. Does the chatter or hatchmark happen in one direction and not another? Have you tried a finer file? Jeweler's finest files possibly? The grain of the softwood might simply just do this, but possibly the file is going against instead of with the grain. The shape being filed might be limiting the direction of the filing action, so a work around that is not a first choice might help. Possibly sanding sticks like fingernail boar
  2. Wow! Francis, thank you for the link to the extensively detailed information from the creation of this ensemble. (Bladesmith's early founder Donn Fogg, joined and encouraged Jim Kelso and myself as co-founders of The Carving Path forum.)
  3. What did you use to make the markings that leave the shadows? Pictures would be helpful maybe. I am thinking that having used moisture to wash, and the shadows remain, that the microscopic pores may not be cleanable. If what you used responds to hydrogen peroxide, I might first try a tiny bit of it on a swab. That is more mild that bleach. If what you used is mineral it may not respond to either peroxide or bleach. If you have another Tagua nut to practice stain removal on, that would be the best idea. Third what-if ... is the stain part of the coloration of the nut, by ch
  4. Francis, That is an elegant tool that you have made! I can see (imagine) its potential for many uses. Janel
  5. Janel


    They are such handsome dogs. And Marie seems to be very patient! Janel
  6. Hello Francis, I am pleased to see your pursuit for solutions to the problems that moving forward presents. Occasionally Jim Kelso does post quick videos of technique on his Instagram page. Forgive me if you already follow him there, but here is the link to his account: https://www.instagram.com/jim_kelso/ I face such tight corners with wood and with clay. Each material provides its own challenges to such situations. Wood has a grain that must be respected and understood when cutting or shaving so using left and right edged versions of certain tools can be very helpful. C
  7. Hello Francis and welcome! Janel
  8. Hello Kiyoshi Yoshi, Your inventions are so very clever and fun to watch! Thank you for the link to the beautiful Sakura blossoms. Janel
  9. Pierre, I am amazed at what you were able to accomplish with a simple knife. Perhaps avocado is not as hard as tagua ... especially if it is fresh. Janel
  10. Hi Pierre, Welcome! There are some discussions about tagua nuts on the forum that might be helpful. I think that knives that are more like pocket knives might be too challenging and dangerous for tagua. Smaller, more controllable shaving shapes might be more rewarding after first roughing out with files. (A tip: if you have a carving peg, you might find the tacky putty stuff used for sticking posters and paper to walls an asset to holding the hard and rounded nut while working. It reduces the clamp-like grip for the holding hand by sticking to the backside.) Janel
  11. Hi Brokk, Northern Minnesota, yes that helps a bit. I am in east central near the Wisconsin border. Minnesota has three definite zones between prairie, woodland and the lakes region. A cabin of any sort on a lake is common for many folks. We are next to the Sunrise River about a mile from the St. Croix River confluence, so I do have water nearby. Thank you for the link and reminder of Hape Kiddle's work. I had heard of him, and to see his work now is refreshing. It is so easy to want to touch and caress it. I look forward to seeing your carvings as they progress. Uki
  12. Hi Daz, Thank you for the explanation for the symbolism in the piece. Knowing these things make it quite meaningful. I am sorry that I was so late to reply ... even in isolation, life is busy. (and I have not much sense of calendar time, though that is changing) Be well and stay happily busy, Janel
  13. Pavel, you made me smile when you described who the model for the spider was! Well done! Have you mastered the skills for moving the limbs of the spider? What a great and pleasing challenge that project must have been. Janel
  14. Pavel, that is so very sweet! Thank you for showing it to us. Janel
  15. Welcome Brokk, Where in MN did your parents come from? I live in MN. How fortunate you were to have a little time with Susan Wraight! What an inspiration that must have been to have her give a workshop to your carving group. And, good experiences all around for teaching carving with your Pop! Ed: I am glad to see you have recovered! Welcome back to you! Janel
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