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  1. Those are so tiny and expressive! Your skill with capturing characteristics of head shapes, and facial expressions is admirable. Will these be taken further, or be 'heads on pedestals'?
  2. Thank you Francis for the good explanation. What is next for your adventures?
  3. Very nice, Ed! If those were mine, I would round the sharp angled edge on the tool end of the handle. That is, unless it serves a purpose as it is.
  4. Good question, Ed. I do not have a real answer, but if you are changing quality or "grit" then maybe changing strops or cleaning it would be a good practice. I use a piece of cardboard such as from cereal boxes and charge it with a stick of compound. When the cardboard gets cut up or the waxy compound gets really dirty, I just change the cardboard. The leather strop that I have is not fine enough for my tiny tools, just the carpenter tools. And, I lost the little bottle of dust that came with the strop, years ago.
  5. It is good to see it all together! There is strength in its quietness. Is there a tiny insert under the cord lashing? Janel
  6. Pavel, what a lovely thing to do for your daughter's enjoyment! Janel
  7. Francis, You make me smile with this: "My focus is on reducing the need for cleanup after the inlay work by doing cleaner work in the first place." It makes so much sense and has yielded a lovely result! Janel
  8. Hello Dane, The difficulty in finding netsuke carving tools is not a unique one. Most folks do finally learn to make their own. The Carving Path forum pages are a repository of information that with persistence and patience can help guide the inquirer towards answering the questions that arise. You might find the forum to be a quiet place these days, though many people use the forum to gather information. Some may contribute from time to time, always a welcome event. Good wishes to you, Janel
  9. Hello denniso, Welcome to The Carving Path forum. I hope that you will be able to find some helpful answers in the many years of posts that make this place a useful archive of knowledge. Searching might be awkward at first, but it is amazing how much has been shared that is interesting and useful. Best wishes on your hunt for specific information on how to polish gypsum rock. Janel
  10. Gareth Barlow has been a contributing member of The Carving Path forum for a long time. His work has broadened since we first met here, and I am in awe each time I learn of his new work. Facebook presented this recent link to a video wherein he describes what moved him to create something that is deeply moving.
  11. Welcome to you Terry!
  12. I find myself wondering if with metals and patination, is is possible to mask the metal to resist the chemicals of the patina, for contrast between the darkened metal and the original colors? Swallowtail butterflies present in a variety of black/yellow combinations, so my imagination wonders what is possible with the metals to express a certain variety. Janel
  13. Hi Justin, I think that these days bandwidth is not a problem now. It would be good to see the images here if you can add them to your post. Does the chatter or hatchmark happen in one direction and not another? Have you tried a finer file? Jeweler's finest files possibly? The grain of the softwood might simply just do this, but possibly the file is going against instead of with the grain. The shape being filed might be limiting the direction of the filing action, so a work around that is not a first choice might help. Possibly sanding sticks like fingernail boards might help, going finer and finer, while being a flat tool might help. Harder woods can be scraped smooth, but I doubt that basswood would like that. I look forward to reading about what techniques you find success with. Janel
  14. Wow! Francis, thank you for the link to the extensively detailed information from the creation of this ensemble. (Bladesmith's early founder Donn Fogg, joined and encouraged Jim Kelso and myself as co-founders of The Carving Path forum.)
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