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  1. Hi Robert C, Thank you for sharing the images, and for figuring out how to downsize them. I am enjoying trying to "see" the different imagery between the positive and negative spaces on the top, right pendant image. The lashing on that one is nicely done, also. What are you using for the pigments on the colored pieces? Janel
  2. Janel

    Stormy Weather

    Hey Ed, Good news about the hip, I hope that recovery is steady. Stick with the PT, needless to say. I hope that your area weathered the storm and rain totals well. We are having the hot and humid weeks of summer here. For those of us used to long winters, these days are a challenge. But, we waited all winter for them, so we try to revel in them! Best wishes for your recovery, Janel
  3. Janel

    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome to you Martyn!
  4. Hello Charles Wu, Thank you for the full color images, it is beautiful. I appreciate knowing about the student learning skills from you. This person has an excellent teacher. Janel
  5. Janel

    Spring greeting from Tokyo

    I enjoyed the tubular bells! Janel
  6. Hello Charles, I enjoy looking at the progression of steps to your work. It is also very interesting to see the original from which you are working as guidance. Will you also add patina? Janel PS: The forum has been a very quiet place for some time. Thank you for posting.
  7. Janel

    Hello from Oregon

    Hi Mike! Welcome to The Carving Path forum. Janel
  8. Janel

    old guy, new here

    Hello Bruce Cana Fox, Welcome! It is good to know that you have found some good information stored here on the forum! Janel
  9. Janel

    The carving path

    Hello Ed, Thank you so much for your very thoughtful and encouraging words. I remain hopeful that this forum and its many years of generous information, archived here since January of 2005, will be helpful to others. If anyone wishes to make a financial contribution towards the forum's expenses, that generosity would be appreciated. I know, it is tacky to ask for $$$ but keeping the forum open and on the web has its ongoing costs. Ed, I am sorry to read that you are slowed by pain. Thank you again for your kind words, and I hope that you are able to carve and create from time to time. Janel
  10. Is anyone benefitting from this forum any more? This question I ask myself often. Participation has nearly flat-lined, but I do see that Guests are browsing the pages. Occasionally someone registers. Occasionally someone posts and sometimes there are a few responses. Will the forum blossom this year? Will this year be a wake instead? It is up to the members to encourage one another by participation, posting, asking questions and answering them in helpful ways. That is why this forum was created so long ago. There was a need. Is there still a need for this forum to be available any longer? For now, please post any thoughts in "The Way" if you are moved to make comments. It is up to you. Janel
  11. Janel

    Deer Antler

    Hi Darren, Thank you for the very positive comments. I will now go off your topic of the antler and protective finish. I, too, wonder if there will be a rekindling of members checking in and helping one another. The static nature of the forum is not as competitive with the instant gratification of social media, BUT, the archived conversations between artists here on The Carving Path are accessible and educational. I have found that the onboard SEARCH is helpful, but limited. I test internet search engines using The Carving Path and a particular term, such as "paraffin" and various options are presented. Keeping it going means $30 per month now, checking in regularly, and updating the software when prompted. It gets expensive when only a few persons post per month, if one counts and averages the live action. I am hopeful that others are using the information without also logging in and communicating with others. Come on folks! Help keep this forum alive and well! I miss you! Janel
  12. Janel

    Deer Antler

    It is advisable to test anything that you might want to do for color, texture, and finish before doing it to the actual piece that you have worked to completion. Let us know what you have done and have learned from the process? Best wishes, Janel
  13. Janel

    Deer Antler

    Try these: Long ago, Natasha wrote about how she treats mammoth tusk. http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/1488-staining-bone/page__view__findpost__p__13174 http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/688-the-first-breath/page__view__findpost__p__6125
  14. Janel

    Deer Antler

    I am guessing here not being an antler carver per se, if the antler is older, having had time in the elements and not fresh off the deer, it may already be stable and not crack further. That said, oil applications might change permanently the look of the material. Natasha Popova described a mixture that she uses on the surface of her extraordinary sculptures, somewhere here on the forum. You might use paraffin for a key word search. It did bring up various hits. She briefly describes this on the topic "The First Breath". I will look for a better description for you. One may also use Renaissance Wax which will dry clear and non sticky. It will even out dull and shiny to some degree but will not smooth uneven surfaces.
  15. Janel

    antler engraving

    Good choice for Rhys the blacksmith. Whether or not he needs the help, you will be an integral part of that step with creating the whole piece. Looking forward to seeing more of the project. Janel