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  1. Hello Yoshi, I agree with you that creative work is a very good way to move forward with life during these times. Additional joy for me is spending time in the garden and watching things grow. Janel
  2. Yoshii, You are being very busy this summer with your inventions! I laughed out loud with Ako-Chan shooting off fireworks! Well done and surprising! With each piece I do enjoy your technical explanations of how each of the creations work. I hope that you remain well and happily busy, Janel
  3. Hello Douglas, The tools should be of a size that will work on the scale that you wish to carve. For me, those would likely be too big for netsuke-sized pieces. As for quality, I will leave that up to others to offer their opinions. What ever the tool, always keep them sharpened while in use, and cut away from the flesh. As you use tools, your work will begin to tell you what is working to do your intentions, and what you might need to add to your array. My most indispensable tools I have in a range from that of a needle-diameter to 1/4" diameter, for example. Janel
  4. Welcome to you Don! What did you color the bone with? Janel
  5. Janel

    Old tools

    They are beautiful. Do you know any of the items that might have been made with them? It is good that you could pass them on. Janel
  6. Hi Andrew, How about if you use more threads to bulk up the braiding to make it a single cord that will fit the hole. For instance two strands paired for each one strand, or what ever works for multi-ply-ing (a pun is in there somewhere) the strands to make the cord the diameter that you want it to be. Janel
  7. Hello Andrew V, That looks like a lot of repetitive work for the scales on the sheath. What is it carved from? Look up ' kumihimo ' here on the forum. There is much information about how folks have made cord for themselves, from different kinds of threads and materials. J
  8. Hi Ed, This makes me smile! Thank you for sharing it with us. Janel
  9. This is very clever! I enjoyed seeing how Ako-Chan was involved with the movements! Thank you Janel
  10. Darren, is this bone and opal?
  11. Pavel, can you explain what we are seeing in the photo? Janel
  12. Janel


    Hello Pavel, I've been busy and have not had time for commenting here for some time. Sorry. Yes, buxus is very much harder. Tools just need to be sharpened well and more often. The tools and wood will let you know when. More patience as well, and keep your flesh out of range of the edge ... tools can skid quickly when the edge does not catch the wood, especially on round things. Each wood has its own qualities to offer to the carver. Figuring that out is part of the life long process of learning. Janel
  13. Janel


    Hello Pavel! Your work portrays much character and attitude! I am enjoying what you do. The turtle even has something to say! Let us know how buxus compares to the linden wood for carving. Janel
  14. That is amazing Debbie!! I can imagine that it comes alive when it is moving, with the gems, facets and glimmer from the metals. The citrine face has a beautiful quality to it. Thank you for posting this! (I think that the image size limit is of no concern any more. I just have not changed the language where it is mentioned, in too many places.) Janel
  15. Hello folks, This world health crisis is an uncomfortable time for most of us as absolutely everything is shutting down except essential services. What is happening in my own life, at age 69, is fear, apprehension, and hopefulness for seeing the other side of it somehow. What else is happening is that the means of financial support through sales of my work as a self employed person is eroding at a time when our income cycle is usually poised for the income ice-breaker event in early May where thousands of people flock to seven studios to purchase pottery from 65 potters. The Center for Disease Control has put an eight week ban on gatherings of over 50 persons. I fear what happens next with both personal health impact potential and financial survival. If there is any interest in helping to support the monthly payments for The Carving Path forum, and related expenses for owning and protecting the domain name, I would appreciate donations that would help keep the forum alive. The alternative, which I am not fully convinced will work, is to have a web archiving site take the entirety of the site into its data base so that it would be explorable and remain useful to information seekers. Please email me at janel @ janeljacobson.com (take out the spaces). We can then discuss the how to do it part. Thank you. Stay isolated, and stay well. Sincere thanks to anyone who is still active on this forum. All contributors over the past 14 years have made this a marvelous information resource. Janel
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