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  1. When the forum began in 2005, digital imagery was in its earlier stages, in transition from slides to digital cameras in my case. I started with a digital Nikon CoolPix 4500 camera. It was a great leap forward for me. With slides, I would shoot the rolls of film with an array of settings per piece, then drive an hour to the metro area (I live an hour away from Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN) wait the three hours for same day processing at extra $$ to collect the slides. Often a reshoot was necessary. This was a great waste of time, but it was what I had to work with. I loved that little 4500, with the twisting body and lens assembly. First selfie camera perhaps? Immediate results so lighting tweaks were timely and better images followed. For the past few years I have been using a smartphone to do the photography of my work. I find myself wondering what others are using these days to produce the best shots of their work, to produce images for the web, or for print publication. What do you use for processing the images? I find that sometimes the images are not in need of processing, but they usually do need something done to them. There are a variety of questions I have in addition to the above: lighting choices; tripod vs handheld; image processing software, etc. Join in and make this an educational discussion. Janel
  2. Old topic but a good subject, any year, any fresh start. I wonder how Dick Bonham is and what he is doing now. I will restart this topic with a couple of subjects in two different materials. Carved porcelain shallow relief, and a small sculpture. The carve porcelains for these drawings were shallow lidded boxes, though I do not have easy photos of the finished pieces. The composition image tells the essential story though. I use tracing paper that is translucent enough to see line drawing on one side and the shading on the other, when set on a piece of white paper. This gives the form and helps me to plan the depth of the carving, which then becomes shaded with the celadon glaze as it melts from the higher parts of the carving and flows into the deeper areas. The small sculpture, I did not draw first, I modeled from plasticine. I first turned the lower portion of the little cup and its foot on a lathe. The rest of the cup was then shaped with files and scraped and sanded smooth, for later fluting. Then the frog was carved and the eyes inlaid. This is a brief intro to jumpstart this topic, to entice members to contribute here by showing how they prepare to carve a piece. Show us the finished piece as well, please! Janel
  3. Janel


    Is anyone making or hoping to make their own carving tools? This topic is a good starting point for some useful tool shapes, and can be adapted to tiny to larger carving/scraping applications. Janel
  4. Janel

    New year

    Hi Ed, Thank you and Happy New Year to you as well! I've been deeply focused on learning and creating an annual update to a large web site that I build for a group every year. This is a big on though because I am leaving the comfort of the old software for the modern platform/template site-building technology. It is almost done. I also have tried to have some studio time, but maybe that begins tomorrow. I also hope that folks will latch back on to posting, sharing and helping those who need answers. The forum was created for such purposes for people who carve in a small scale. An anniversary is around this time as well ... the forum began in 2005. 15 years of accumulated knowledge exists here for anyone to read and learn from. Keep your tools sharp and cut away from your flesh! Janel
  5. Janel

    Rocks in My Head

    Hello John, Thank you for your introduction! Hello Debbie and welcome back! I am so excited to see the work that you have been doing! Thank you both for posting about your work and what it is you hope to be doing. Thank you Debbie for offering helpful information. Janel
  6. Hello Steve T, It is good to see your new work and to read of your scoring new tools! I never thought of asking for the drill bits, only the hand scrapers that I would adapt into hand tools. I will keep your suggestion in mind. It could be interesting. Are the shafts different than standard bits? Janel
  7. I believe that the tips might be solid for a way towards the main stalk. The thickest part should have marrow-like pith matrix. If it is not in objectionable condition, such material is sometimes incorporated into the concept that one is carving. It takes some fore-thought. Janel
  8. How is it going with the antler?
  9. Hi Joe, I apologize for not seeing your post, I have been preparing for a show that we set up this evening... and the house furnace needed to be replaced so 42° temps in the house did not allow for late night web time. I'll try to post about it at a quieter time. Janel
  10. Janel

    Hello from Italy

    Hello Michele, welcome to The Carving Path forum. When you mention needing "to stop working very often to let it cool down", what needs to cool down ... the multi tool or the stone and grinding tip? Janel
  11. I think that I tried to use a very flat-backed sander to try to level the surface after the major wood removal. I brought the surface to a very fine polish with 8,000-10,000 emery cloths, then used a hardening oil, maybe a Woodsheen (uncolored) product from a while back. Sets up fairly quickly and buffs nicely with a cloth. Janel
  12. I had trouble with walnut when carving it, striving for a smooth surface on wavy grain. The rippled grain was rather obstinate, driving the knife up and down instead of me driving it straight through the fibers.
  13. Hello Joseph, When you log in to participate on the forum, the unread topics and posts should show up with something in Bold. There are other things that are newer that might also present unread items. At the bottom right of this page, when I complete the post, there may be a linked phrase that indicates unread topics within the section, such as Who's Who, etc. I am also a person who likes to read about prehistory, of people, of evolution, the formation of the earth and how it got to where it is today ... Janel
  14. Hello Don, I was told finally of this problem, and it was a big short-coming on my side. I had to change servers, and also the http:// to https:// and possibly another layer as well. I think and hope that it is now fixed and open to all. I am really sorry about that error on my part. It was always there for me so I was oblivious to the problem until someone recently let me know about it. That might explain why the forum has been so quiet. Thank you for posting. I think that image size is less of an issue now, but it is best to not put huge files on as some folks may still be using metered monthly data cap internet. Janel
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