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  1. Janel

    antler engraving

    Good choice for Rhys the blacksmith. Whether or not he needs the help, you will be an integral part of that step with creating the whole piece. Looking forward to seeing more of the project. Janel
  2. Janel

    Anglo Saxon sword

    Hi Steve, That is quite a lot of good work so far! The beech has a lovely wood grain. Are the different grain layers equally hard and closed cell? Thank you for sharing the update and photos with us. Janel
  3. Janel

    antler engraving

    Hi Andrew, Thank you for the good responses to my question, and then some. I found that tool-making for me occurred when I needed something that I did not have and could not do what I wanted to do without a new sort of edge or bent configuration. Will you do the inlay after the metal work is completed? I do not want to imagine what sorts of grime might be absorbed by the antler at the smithy. I hope that you have had good results on your play-day at the smithy. Are you doing the blacksmithing? I am looking forward to seeing images of this project when you have completed it! Janel
  4. Janel

    Costs going up for the forum

    If any members are grateful for the forum being kept available on line, the Admin would appreciate hearing from you regarding financial contributions towards its upkeep. Please PM me here on the forum and we will discuss the how-to of making the donation. Many thanks, Janel
  5. Janel

    antler engraving

    What species of antler is this? Are you into making your own tools yet? There are so many more kinds of small tools that will augment your kit of tools and will make certain carving actions simpler. There are many posts and topics here covering the methods and types of tools that other small scale carvers have used. Janel
  6. Janel

    New member from the UK

    Hi Steve, Welcome! I do look forward to images of the sword when you are ready to post them. It is good to read about the local connection and history regarding the beechwood. Janel
  7. Janel

    Imperial rhodonite chain

    Thank you for showing the completed piece. I do admire your patience with attending to the complexities of carving and polishing chain links. The color and luminosity is marvelous against the green jade background. Are you going to launch into a more simple piece next? Janel
  8. Janel

    how do you de-grease bone?

    Good to know.
  9. Janel

    Another new guy

    Hello Peter, Welcome! Thank you for the introduction and the images. Those are lovely pieces. Yes, please, you may add your web site address. Janel
  10. Janel

    Long time coming

    Hello DarrenK, Thank you for posting the images of what you are doing. What materials are you using, and what is that bright green eye inlay? It is quite a lively material. Janel
  11. Janel

    Mammoth tusk weight - 5.55 kg.

    Hello, I do not have current knowledge of the price of mammoth tusk. I hope that you will find the information you need. A gentle reminder, this forum is not the place to make sales, so if someone does want to purchase anything please keep the discussion and activity private and not on the forum pages. Best wishes, Janel
  12. Janel

    how do you de-grease bone?

    What is sugar soap? I think that acetone is the basic ingredient in finger-nail polish remover.
  13. Janel

    how do you de-grease bone?

    Yay! Phew, I am glad that it worked. Let us know how things progress with the bone preparation. Janel
  14. Janel

    how do you de-grease bone?

    There are methods for preparing bone in the archives. Using the search function is unwieldy, but with enough patience the best suggestions will form a pattern with the shared information from over the years. You might also try using a Search Engine like google, etc., mentioning The Carving Path, which would target the information in the forum as well. In the archives there are many topics regarding the preparation of bone, and many other informational topics and posts about the selection and use of bones. I found this one that might be helpful: https://www.thecarvingpath.net/topic/3123-bones-that-had-been-cleaned-all-cracked/?tab=comments#comment-25210 One takeaway from it is to not cook the bone, and read about the various degreasing agents. Cooking might tend to force the fats into the bone, in my opinion. Good luck to your investigation, preparation and carving of the bone! Janel
  15. Janel


    Hello Tim, Your first attempt is a very elegant one. Your choice to create an inset for the engraved copper works visually as well as functionally, making a sleek profile that lays flat. Welcome! Janel