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    At the bench

    For a quick test of light and camera, I tried reflecting light off of a piece of white drawing paper onto a gray card with the carving on it. A little daylight from this snowy day leaked through the blinds, the bulb is a twist-fluorescent. I set the white balance by aiming at the gray card to the upper left of the little carving (one handed) and then shot the image. Photoshop helped to further white balance the images, both were not true colors before adjustment, and are still not. This did not result in a publishable image, but is a good note to me of the carving progress. The set up was reminiscent of the one that Jim Kelso uses. I will use a proper set up when taking final images, and use better lighting. A couple of weeks ago, Bladesmith's Forum discussed differing techniques: bouncing light off of an overhead white surface, vs direct light through diffusers. Excellent results are seen with both setups in the support images provided with the discussion. The light source and white balance, managed well, provided dynamic shading, hi-lights and color reproduction. It is fun to see what is possible, even at my level of accomplishment! Janel
  2. Janel

    Getting to know you

    This topic is very interesting reading! Thank you all for introducing yourselves. I look forward to this topic growing with more introductions. Please know that Jim Kelso has been working along with Don Fogg and Janel Jacobson to bring The Carving Path Forum to you. Janel
  3. The beveled edge appears twice now. Hmmm, I think that I will have to see if a couple of my tools would benefit my work by doing that! Would a polished high speed drill bit be a good burnisher? Tempering would be a great subject to read about. There are other parts to this subject, such as which metals to use, shapes and sources for such metal items, annealing and shaping, all things which are part of the process of tool making. Janel
  4. Janel

    How To:

    This is a subject which many of us are always seeking to learn more about. Today, I complimented Doug Sanders on his image of beads, knowing that he is becoming acquainted with a digital camera. He mentioned learning about f-stop adjustments for greater depth of field, white balance, lighting systems, background gradient from light to dark, all ripe topics for discussion! Another direction could include film/slides vs. digital images, why use one or the other, considering the end use... Jump in! Janel
  5. Janel

    Vladimir Burkovski

    Wonderful image! Wonderful work!! I am very partial to frogs, they are often subjects in my carvings. I am using walrus tooth for the first time, normally very hard woods are my material of choice. The tooth is lovely to be carving. Is there a chance that Vladimir Burkovski might be able to join the forum? I would like to ask him questions about the material he used for the eye inlay. Are there any images of his other carvings available to see on the internet? It is very exciting to see his work. Janel
  6. Welcome Murad! I believe that you are our first new member to The Carving Path Forum! Thanks for the peaceful image. It is welcome on this day. Janel
  7. I am Janel Jacobson, a carver of small sculptures. My material of choice has been wood for the past ten years. Prior to that, I worked with porcelain clay, carving small sculptural pieces and shallow relief on the lids of small, low, lidded boxes. The relief carving was enhanced with celadon or a pale blue glaze. Before that, in my earliest years from 1970 to the early 80's I worked on making my living as a potter. I have always been self-employed as an artist. Carving grew out of my interest in drawing the little things in the natural world aroud my rural home in Minnesota. Stoneware pots first had leaves carved on them, eventually when the ideas were more complex I moved to porcelain, and finally in the mid to late 80's carving became the sole focus of my work. When porcelain did not meet my needs any longer, I turned to carving wood, and have been very happy with the change. Wood offers so much warmth and character to the subjects that I carve. Currently, I am trying non-wood materials, such as a walrus tooth, and am planning a mammoth tusk piece. There is so much to try, so much to learn! Some of the pieces that I carve are netsuke, a small functional/sculptural form that has a basis in Japanese culture. There is a web site devoted to the study and collecting of antique netsuke, with a little inclusion of contemporary carvers activities. If you want to learn more about netsuke, visit http://www.netsuke.org and have a look at their newly redesigned site. My own web site: http://www.janeljacobson.com As the future of The Carving Path unfolds, we will learn more about ourselves. My hope is that carvers who have knowledge and passion for carving small will contribute to this forum to make it educational, enjoyable to visit, and a place to help out with questions and answers we all seem to have as we work. Welcome! Janel
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    Delete This?

    OK, but could it be at the bottom? rather than at the top? Janel
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    I want to touch it! Jim has a way with words. For example, when working on "perpendicular intersections" which are common in a naturalistic carving as well, the work goes on until it is done, knowing that it is not ready until I think it is. "There is nothing harder than cleaning up to a perpendicular intersection" says it so well. My mind just knows the task, not the words! Don, you have been successful with other difficult elements as well, continuing the line of each edge of the layers "bound" by the rings, appear to flow under the ring. This is not an easy thing to do. Are you having fun yet? We are -31° at least at 7:00 am. No kits as of a couple of hours ago, but Mr. Midwife is going out for a check. He checked every couple of hours last night I believe, having slept on the sofa. Each due doe has a lamp aimed on the nest box, to encourage them to keep warm in there and aim the load at the nest when it is time. Don, the 72 hours has passed and www.thecarvingpath.com has not appeared when sought on the internet. Are we waiting for the server to be done with the weekend off? I hope that I did not do something wrong. I tried to follow the instructions last Thursday reassigning the DNS... Happy Monday. Avery is home for the national holiday. Currently there is a 94 degree difference from inside to outside. We try to not smile at those temperatures, hoping to keep our teeth from cracking. Janel I tried to send this earlier, but the forum was not functioning. We will see with this attempt.
  10. Is the ice cave at the little falls that you are looking at in the green world picture on your home page? Nice contrast to consider! Thanks for the explanation. We are diving -20° at the moment. We have eight does (rabbits) due to have babies tomorrow and Monday. We will be dressing and undressing every hour to be sure that all goes well. We hope to not find kitcicles. (kit = baby rabbit) The weather was so mild a month ago... Happy Winter, Janel
  11. Did somebody change the way the date reads in the "Joined" info under the avatar? I do not recall the day coming first before. No problem, but thought I might be imagining things. Jim, that is a curious avatar! What is it from? Don and Jim, I am awaiting the new access info, username and password, for www.thecarvingpath.com and forum before loading the index page and linking to the forum. -2° for a high outdoors and 66° indoors with the boiler cranked up. It is old, and tries its hardest with this old and not well insulated house. (It used to be, but the fad of the time, Arctic Foam, has shrunk in all of the stud wall spaces about 30%, so you figure out how well the insulation might be working now, thirty years later. I hope that you guys are getting work done, or play with family on the weekend. We are quiet compared to last night. I might actually get out to the studio for an hour and consider a piece of tusk for the balances on one foot carving next up in the queue. That might actually warm up my feet! Happy winter, Janel I promise that I won't write such mundane things on the forum when it is public!
  12. We survived the Friday after school gang party! What a lot of fun the kids are! One girl left a little early to visit with family in another city. Most of the kids are 13 closing in on 14. Would you believe, they played hide and seek in our big old house? Front and back stairways, basement off limits (dirt floor and grungy) as well as parents room. Shrieking fun, running and bumping all around us. I think that it won't be long before they won't do this anymore. The evening ended with boys vs. girls in a game of "Battle of the Sexes" more for people with knowledge from more years of life, but they had belly laughs and contests to see what they did know or might be able to figure out! I did put ear plugs in for a while, tried to read about Channels in the Photoshop CS book while at the computer. Tuned out for a little while til pizza time. Now it is quiet and cold, way cold -20°! Here is the gang: ( mine is the one with socks on his hands) (This is also an attachment test for me)
  13. I like the peanut butter jars used for storage! We have nine foot ceilings, so that would not be an option for us. Nice to see your smiling face Don. Janel
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    The newbie thing has to do with level, I saw some where, but have not found a place for changing it. I don't recall if it was a choice at registration. Oh well. It'll get figured out sometime. Janel
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    I think the button thing for quote edit and delete... might be a browser problem. My Internet Explorer is up to date, but it just won't let the message board contain its parts. I have shifted to Safari and all seems to be in place here. Oh well, I guess I will multi task with the browsers until I am dependant on Safari. iE has all my good stuff on it and the scrapbook feature is nice for referring to whole pages while off line. I have not figured out the Newbie name under the avatar. Have not found the field for changing. Hi Jim, I see you! Janel
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    I logged in to the admin area. Should I have some name other than newbie? I don't know where to change that. Time for family and driving. C U later. Janel
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    The page flips between long and the right lenght. I'll look for a pattern as I use it. I am glad that these messages will disappear before public launching. Janel
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    OK Now the blue fields are a mile long too. Thanks for the tips. We will get it figured out. I will look into seeing if my admin works later. I have to play mom, chauffeur and oil change specialist before real computer work. (I just deliver the car and sit while the specialists do the job. Work safely on your knives. Are you blade or handle working today? Tomorrow I visit a model for the first time, will get images in order for a carving of a yoga posture for a client. Hmmm Have a good day, Janel
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    I am in! The "quote" and "reply" buttons to the right of "report" and "top" buttons under your message are floating out of view on the right side of the browser window, and they stay off unless I move the slider at the bottom of the page. They seem to be disconnected from the others. Great to be here, thanks for your good work, Don. Janel
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