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    Cutting designer cabochons and occassionaly some small simple agate carvings such as leaves or other shapes.
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    Being Careful of Hands

    Russ - told me to careful of my hands and fingers. I don't what I did wrong, I tried to reply and it did not work. So I am trying a new topic. I learned years ago in the printing industry to watch out for my fingers and hands most of the time handling saws and hot metals. When I worked in the printing industry people told me to be careful with saws and I was and later I watched several of them cut groves in their finger nails or cut the tip of their finger off. Also I have been cutting cabochons without using dop sticks to cut over 5000+ cabochons just holding the cab blanks in my fingertips. If you do not hold them right the diamond wheels will grind groves in your finger nails, the sides of the wheels will cut groves in the fingers, besides grinding the fingerprints down. Practice and trial and error help to improve a person's techniques. I intend to be as careful in carving as when cutting cabochons or using a trim saw.
  2. Jane said in her reply to my New Member Post that I seem to be serious about learning more about carving, well I am just slowing in doing things sometimes. I am intending to just do a little carving to start like the doing groves, lines and curves and textures on some of my cabochon shapes eventually. Also plan some small abstract shapes and leafs to start with as soon as it gets warmer. Sintered diamond burrs will be used mostly used to do the carving. Usually I have done rounded edges on what I have done. Probably will be called lazy but for 20 years I have been just cutting my cabochons on 80 grit and 220 grit Diamond grinding wheels then tumble finishing them in 3 more stages in Mini-sonic variable speed tumblers. The media is a aluminium oxide triangular .75 x .125 shapes from a factory that finished Levi fasteners for Jeans. The 1st stage is with 320 grit Silicon Carbide grit slurry and the 2nd stage is with 600 grit Silicon Carbide grit slurry. The polishing stage is a gel mixture of tin oxide and cerium oxide that is over 20 years old and has been added to continually over the years. Each stage has it own separate hopper to avoid contaminate. The only change made in the last 2 years was to buy Inland Sintered diamond 8" x 1.5" wheels in 100 grit and 200 grits to do the cabbing with, the wheels have 5mm's thickness of diamond metal compound fused to them. They are commercial type wheels and should last a lot longer than plated wheels.
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    New Member - Kentucky

    I just joined to learn more about carving small items, get tips and read about what others are currently doing in carving. I have only carved some small fire agate cabochons, agate leaves and other shapes a few years ago. Cutting cabochons has been a thing I have been doing for over 30 years. My machines all use either sintered diamond wheels or plated diamond wheels. I just decided to try doing some more small carvings in agates and chalcedonies so I bought in the last 3 months from Diamond Pacific Tool Corp a Multi-Flex System with the parts to make 4 different machine configurations. Also purchased 12 Inland Lapidary Sintered diamond burrs in 6 shapes, 6 in 100 grits and 6 in 220 grit. A Foredom tool with 3 or 4 handpiece and a lot of other tools is also available. Since I have had a lot of surgery 2 years ago I am only working and setting things up slowly.