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  1. Nelson Lepine

    Phil White the Dominion Sculptor

    I met Phil here before he got this job! I hope you enjoy this vid on him like I did! Cheers! Nelson
  2. Nelson Lepine

    Hi Im Castro I'm An Engraver , Intaglio Seal Engraving London

    Wonderful work and path you are on! Great talent! Is that your boomerang?
  3. Nelson Lepine

    Gem Carvings

    I really like the shapes and forms! Much enjoyed!
  4. Nelson Lepine

    Lunar Hare

    Lovely style and detail!
  5. Nelson Lepine

    Homage To Matisse?

    Neat idea! I think the test piece in holly was pretty successful because of the detail! Enjoyed seeing the Mulberry wood too!
  6. Nelson Lepine

    40 Licks

    Haha! Great!
  7. Nelson Lepine

    Kagamibuta Crane Turtle Netsuke

    Also sounds like my relationship with my partner Janel! Haha! Nice Kagamibuta Netsuke in any case alain! Awesome work you do as well Niky! I am humbled!
  8. Nelson Lepine

    Hi From North Carolina!

    Hi Shirley - I'm looking forward to seeing some pics as you figure things out! I have really no knowledge of the type of tools you are after but have seen some carved ostrich eggs that were quite striking! I think just a slow speed on a rotary tool of some kind should see you off! Cheers! Nelson https://www.youtube....h?v=rM3wNvk3tEo and Happy Easter!
  9. Nelson Lepine

    Learning About Carving In Weipa Australia

    Looking forward to be able to view some of your work! Great to have some shells at your disposal!
  10. Nelson Lepine

    Netsuke "sambiki - Sarah"

    Fantastic! Very well carved! Hope you are well as well!
  11. Nelson Lepine

    1 More Hei-Matau Made In Sweden

    Neat shape and polish!
  12. Nelson Lepine

    Jade Toad

    Very nice work! Looks like the perfect medium for a toad!
  13. Nelson Lepine

    Second Art Box

    Neat! I am unfamiliar with all the woods you mentioned! I'll have a further look around!