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    Sculpture,japanese metal arts ,netsuke, natural sicences insects,comic and fantasy art ,sience-fiction,clssic car and motorcyle designs
  1. arman

    Fighting Bantams

    Hi Lost for words as usual in front of your work!!!!!!! Those undercut feathers are superb!!!! Thanks for sharing Arman
  2. arman


    Absolute perfection!!!!!! fantastic work Janel My compliments Arman
  3. arman

    More Carving

    Hi Truely amazing !!!!!!!!
  4. arman

    dead leaves

    Hi Sergio My compliments for fantastic work!!!!!
  5. arman


    Truely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi Natasha Thank you very much for your comments . Best regards Arman
  7. Hi Sergio Thank you very much for the comments. Best regards Arman
  8. Hi Magnus Thank you very much for your comments ,I really appriciate it. Best reagrds Arman
  9. Hi Everyone Here are two pieces that I have finished recently. Heart pendant was carved out of wax and then cut to pieces and cast to be reassembled in metal again,İt is black rhodium plated .I made an red gold version of it but I must say after the balck rhodium this has became my favorite. Lion cufflinks were made for a friend and they are 18ct gold ,all figurative work was done in wax and it was put together in metal. My appologies for not having work in progress pictures,idea of carving something like heart it kind of matured up in my head without having to put anything down as drawing and I just started carving as it came to me ,it was a multiple section carving ,meaning carved certain levels first then removed them to put others so on and so forth. All the best Arman
  10. arman

    Morning on a flower

    Hi Natasha I have been an admirer of your work through your web site thnks to this forum.After a bit of absence I have just seen your morning on a flower.Like many others I am truely lost for words .İt is breathtakingly beautiful,amazing I think it is possible to line up more adjectives but none will do justice. My sincere compliments and appriciations , truely looking forward that day that you will carve ''something crazy'' like you said. My best regards Arman
  11. arman

    katakiri bori Peony

    Beatiful Jim .İt is sumptuously subtle . I want to ask you if there are any Japanese tool companies that sell all these special tools(brushes etc.) that they are used in japanese metal work or other crafts that you can place an order online ???? Thank you Arman
  12. arman


    Hi Dmitriy Welcome ,I have checked your website ,you have really fine work congratulations , looking forward to see more of your work best regards Arman
  13. arman

    recent work

    bronze dragon
  14. arman

    recent work

    Hi again Here are the two finished versions of the carvings that I have posted recently. Dragon is cast in bronze and patinated black and holds a silver obsidian stone in its claw. Chief is done in silver and polished and matt finish . The mouse belt buckle you can see in my website www.armansuciyan.com Other ones were done for a customer as a wax model I dont have their finished version photos unfortunately. About the tools that I use:Pretty much I use all kinds of dentistry tools ,rifler files , burs ,abrasive rubber wheels etc.To polish I use glass fiber pens and sticks finaly to give a fine finish I use lighter liquıd and vaseline with cotton wool and apply it to surface after fine sanding and brushing with glass pen.You can also use a soft cloth to this aswell.
  15. arman

    recent work

    Thank you Mike