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  1. Woodworm

    New to the forum

    Nice. I like frogs as well. I even kissed one once --- that didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. Bill
  2. Very nice -- is that the Dogwood flower? Bill
  3. Woodworm

    A reason for my absence from the forum

    Understandable Janel. Our thoughts are with you and your family. Bill & Anne.
  4. Woodworm

    The Official Ryder Cup Gun

    A masterpiece indeed. Bill
  5. Woodworm

    Dragonfly's of summer

    Never seen a dragon fly with wings and body like that. Very nice. In Manitoba, we call something that big a mosquito. Bill
  6. Woodworm

    Rifflers and detail rasps

    As I do not know what material you are useing I will shoot this one out anyway. For fine detail in wood and plaster I have made small scribing, scratching, scraping tools out of variouse sized "sewing needles". Use whatever you wish for a sized handle, usually wood, sink the needle into it by tapping with a hammer to a depth that will secure it well. Ensure you leave enough sticking out to shape. What you are left with is the thickness of the needle and "eye" -- to shape as you please with a dremel tool, or other such. With a wide variety of needles and sizes you may be able to come up with what you need. I am sure these would work well in soapstone and other softer materials. I also use this in scribing plaster, but here I just stuck the needle into the end of a pencil right through the eraser. (Sort of a quick response for what I needed at the time) -- but it did the job for me just fine. I have never tried sewing machine needles but I have thought about it. The steel may not take to bending to much, but there are those on the forum that have great metal knowledge and I am sure they could lend some advice there. Don't know if this will help you, but with any luck it may help somebody. Safety first -- All the best. Bill
  7. Woodworm


    Simply so full of life. -Bill
  8. Woodworm


    When you grind and rasp, sand and chisel, tweak and scrape and burn your eyeballs out in poor light for countless hours whilst shivering because you forgot to put another log into the old pot-bellied stove, on an object that comes out in the end flawless and perfect just to have some one offer you four dollars for it -- that's a carving. When you drag a log into the shed, stand it up to dry and in so doing it falls over, scrapes against the bench on the way down, bounces off the vice and hits the axe which in turn flips and knocks a hunk out of it, and the next day a stranger stops in to ask for directions, see's it, and offers you $250,000 -- now that -- that -- is a sculpture. --- ok then -- slowly wakeing up here. Bill
  9. Woodworm

    Beef Bone Barramundi

    Laz, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you think something is wrong with it, then there is. If you feel you took it as far as you could, then there it is. If you have learned, and feel you will do better at your next project, you no doubt will. Perhaps I am a man with simple taste, or an open mind. But I think your piece is as unique as any other, and will hold it's own rewards. If you keep it, or sell it, or give it away , "it" will always be a treasure to someone. What more could anyone ask for. Bill
  10. Woodworm

    Bird on a pear

    This is why I come here. Tho true my mother taught me not to stare, so I don't. I sit and "gawk" at what I see on the pages of this forum. Also true,I know I could never create such. But then, I also know I can't sing. But that does not mean I do not know a voice in song that would make an Angel cry from the beauty of the sounds she hears. I only hope that the younger carvers to be in the world reach this forum and it's many pages like this and grasp the inspireation and leadership that all here gift out so freely. To Oleg, and all, never stop, for our world is a much better place with you here. Bill.
  11. Woodworm

    Bronze casting from New Zealand

    Olivier, Nice indeed. I am presently working toward a project which I hope will end up having me casting in pewter. I have never made molds before so this will be and has been interesting for me. I am not an netsuke carver ,more toward releif in wood, however the pull to this forums friendship and gifted world carvers is a strong force of inspiration. Bill
  12. Woodworm

    Toadsticker Shiv

    "Toadsticker" -- shiv -- has a nice ring to it Tom. I like the progression from egg to tadpole to frog. A story in itself.
  13. Woodworm

    Damascus carved bird knife

    What a "tweet" little knife. Perhaps something a great great grandson would treasure . {This is a tough crowd. The Internet has an interesting way of making it seems like the worlds best carvers live right next door. In this crowd I'm a beginner carver. To the people that actually live next door I'm an art master. When it's all said and done you created something that is beautiful, unique and most important, tells us who you are. Nor will it be discarded in the years to come like cheap merchandise from the box store. Long after your gone someone will always be happy you made this knife. } Well said JP
  14. Woodworm

    Snowshoe rabbit

    Mark, love the rabbit. In truth I love all releif carvings at any level. Always have, always will. There is just somethingabout them that have just made me stop and gaze. No one can ever say from this day forth, that you never pulled a rabbit out of a stump. Well done my friend. Bill
  15. Woodworm

    Bright, sparkling object in the sky

    You are welcome Janel. TV is sure getting fuzzy. John, (Lend it your razor.) -- sorry, I couldn't resist. Apparently there is a lot of space junk (way to go humans) floating around that can be subjected to Johns explanation. Armageddon online (I know that sounds weird but) has a lot of interesting happenings posted. http://www.armageddononline.org/ And if you wish to be humbled a bit --- have a look at the comparisons here -- http://www.armageddononline.org/make-you-feel-small.html I don't have high speed, but have you ever checked out the pictures from the Hubble telescope? If not do so. Breathtaking beauty indeed. Bill