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  1. Can anyone direct me to a thread on this subject or if not im looking for advice on polishing more complicated welo opal carvings . Any input would be appreciated !
  2. August

    August Voss gemstone carver

    Hello, Im August. Ive been carving for around 15 years. Ive been working with some new materials and would like to get some advice on polishing! Thanks for having me! August
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    August Stepping out

    Janel, There were a lot of things that I had backed (to dvd or cd rom) up that I didnt lose.. like my old outlook express files. I have no idea why I didnt back up my image files to dvd. I think its because I used to access them so much so I want to keep them handy on a HD. But I had my old outlook files back up and just loaded them into outlook and did a search. We exchanged some email around August through November of '04. In one of them you told me you met some fella at a show in Evanston, Illinois who asked you about whether you carved skulls or not. You said it made you think of me and you gave me his name and address and phone but no email so I think I never contacted him. I cant remember for sure. Maybe you remember the gemstone skulls I carved. I think I sent you some pictures or something. Probably a picture of a lapis medicine Buddha I carved too. Ill try to get some new pictures of some things to post soon. Also yeah. Dont trust your precious image files to a HD for backup only no matter how new or nice it is. Its easy to corrupt your Master Boot Record (MBR) apparently, and its not easy to back THAT up, or so it seems sooo.. You should back up to data DVDs also and make maybe 3 copies of each DVD. Even with dvds and cd roms, Ive found that after a few or more years they can become strangely unreadable. So even after you do additional back ups on removable media, re-copy the dvds to fresh media every 3 years or so. Thats what I think now anyways. Peace , August
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    August Stepping out

    Janel hmm... it seems like I communicated with you sometime in the past. Cool to run into you again Thanks to you and Mike for the nice welcome All I have for the moment are some pictures on a myspace.com/vossarts profile. I had pictures of practically everything Ive ever done on a kind of file storage site.. and it went haywire and I lost all the pictures. The weird and kind of horrible thing is, even though I had all of my pictures backed up on a separate storage drive (internal HD), I was moving some files into it like a day after I found out my the server on this storage site crashed, and suddenly my HD crashed. Apparently the master boot record or something became corrupted and now it shows nothing on the drive. Ive had a little bit of success with recovery software but I can only retrieve deleted files. Those were the only updated saved picture files I had. Anyways, whatever. I decided to take it to be a sign that I need to start over in general with my carving. You can look at myspace if you want to.. until I figure out posting images here and take new pics. Peace, August
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    August Stepping out

    Hello carvers! My name is August, and I'm currently living in Boise, Idaho. I've been carving mostly gem minerals/stone, a little wood, metal, and ivory, for just about 9 years. As I have been a full time single parent of 2 children, I havent been able to devote myself to carving like I intend to. My kids have gone off to school, and I'm working on doing the same thing, except my idea of school is traveling and meeting and talking to other artists, and seeing different places, and hopefully learning to carve and sculpt other media Im interested in too. Thank you for having me here. Im excited to see whats going on! August