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  1. Hi Barry! I'm always glad to see your amazing work! So many elegant beautiful work! Once I've seen your work with mother of pearl and gold inlays - will never forget! Thanks for the beauty!
  2. “Alanian & Roman” was carved from solid piece of mammoth tusk, the sculpture is 25.5 cm tall, maximum diameter is 8 cm. 378 AD, August, The Battle of Adrianople ended the defeat of the Roman legions and changed the course of History. This sculpture is a fight, one of thousands fights, between alanian and roman. Two emperors were killed in that battle.
  3. Hi Richard! Your Ryusa netsuke is beautiful and work is very clean!
  4. Brian, I like your work, very good design!
  5. Alexandr, your rings are very beautiful and very talented done! Thanks!
  6. Thank You, Tom! I posted my tools and sketches of another carvings here, on this forum long ago. Search my posts and You'll find everything!
  7. Thank You very much for all compliments to my work! Tom, maybe in several years I'll do a book, who knows..... I'll remember about You!
  8. English is not my native language, sorry I didn't understand your question. Did You mean the process of design? I take a walrus tusk, look how it is well for my idea, sizes, quality, color. Then I draw the outline of the tusk on a paper, to draw sketch, usually it takes a week for all details. Then I mark all important points on the tusk and begin to carve.......
  9. Thank You all for so wonderful compliments, they inspire me so much! Richard, I'm sorry, usually I draw a sketch for a piece what I have and try to use every millimeter, If I have a needless sawed out piece - it is a bad piece for carving, cracked or too thin, or looks as ring, nothing for work, refuse.
  10. Hello dear Friends! After a long break I've finished my new netsuke. "Sumo Wrestlers" has been carved from a piece of mammoth tusk, the height of this netsuke is 9.1 cm, tinted with mixed dye (kuchinashi, curcuma and tea), hear - Rose Urushi, mawasi - colored with lacquers and Nashiji flakes (gold and silver), tattoo was done with hot needle.
  11. Natasha

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dear Friends! A lot of warmth of loved ones and friends, a lot of gladness, happyness and all the best! My e-mails, prtobably, were blocked with your spam filter, dear Janel, I hope everything is fine in your life!
  12. He-he! Good humor and good work!
  13. Hi Dmitry! Your sculptures are amazing! Very well done!
  14. I thought it was woven.... amazing work!
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