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  1. bonecarver

    Cornel Schneider

    Where is the carving? I see the snail on the leaf, but it looks too real to be a carving! Beautifully done Cornel. Are the drops amber? how are they attached/fastened? They look magical! Thank you for sharing! ...Josh
  2. bonecarver

    Another Newbie From California

    Greetings from Southern California Larry, A nice nest egg of materials you've got there. Welcome to The Path! ...Josh
  3. bonecarver

    New Maori Sculpture

    Beautiful design Gus! And thank you for the lore behind it, I feel history adds another level to a carving. What is the scale of the piece?
  4. bonecarver

    Bone Carving

    Hello Joey, I used to go to the butcher and buy shank bones, freeze them, scrape off the meat, excavate the marrow and boil them. Quite a stinky ordeal. Now I go to Petco and but pre-cleaned and sterilized cattle bone. No muss. No fuss. No smell. It's the only way to go...
  5. bonecarver

    If you could start over...

    Thanks to everyone for the great responses. I believe I'll have to wait to do any rewiring unfortunately. Renting limits the amount of rebuilding one can do... At this point i don't care what or where I carve. A butterknife and a carrot...my thumbnail and a soft stick of butter. I just need to carve!!! I'll post pics when I do...
  6. bonecarver

    If you could start over...

    Hello all... It's been a long time since I've been here, or been able to carve for that matter. Drastic life changes (for the better) have led me to a new place, which is great, but, I have an empty canvas of a garage, and a burning need to start carving again... I was "dug in" to my last workshop. I am about to start building a new studio (renting so I can't modify the space too much). My question is this: If you could start your workspace over, from scratch... What would you do?
  7. bonecarver


    Thank you very much Phil... it's good to be here!... I'll post more pieces as I make them...
  8. bonecarver


    Thank you Magnus... This is such a great forum! I had no idea such a place existed... Kumihimo is time consuming and underappreciated (until the viewer realizes the amount of focus and dedication required)...but I feel the pride of custom craftsmanship each time I call a piece done. I've put up a couple more pictures of recent pieces in the "new work" forum...I'd love to know what you think. Nice to meet you Magnus!
  9. bonecarver

    New works...

    Hi Sergio... No other view of this carving is available as this commission has been delivered... Be Well...
  10. bonecarver

    New works...

    Hi all... a couple to pieces for perusal... Critique is welcome...
  11. bonecarver


    Hi Damien... I spent a long time looking for quality cordage but eventually came to the realization that the finished product is more valuable than the time spent looking for shortcuts...I braid my cordage using the Japanese "Kumihimo" technique...I use from 8 to 64 strands and sometimes more...although time consuming...I feel it sets off each carving as you pick each element of the cord...color...braid style...size...texture...I feel it adds another facet of vision to each uniquie piece... The materials I use for braiding are mainly nylon products easily found online...nymo...C-lon...silimide are types of nylon thread available in a huge variety of colors...if your in need a local fabric store will have upholstry thread (bonded nylon)...spectra fishing line will create a silky soft pliable cord...but is not available in very many colors... There are invaluable books to help with all aspects of learning and braiding Kumihimo...Jaqui Carey's book "Beginners guide to braiding Kumihimo" will teach you everything you need to know about the marudai... It looks like your doing very well for only starting a short time ago...I would recommend one book above all..."Bone Carving: A Skillbase of Techniques and Concepts" by Stephen Myhre...unfortunately I found this book after I'd been carving for years...so I had to learn on my own many of the things he talks about in this book...braiding included... I hope this helps Damien! Don't hesitate to let me know if you have more questions... ...Josh
  12. bonecarver


    Hello and thank you Jim and Brent. Materials...bone, mammoth tusk, whale bone (when I can find it...), St Lawrence walrus (when I can find/afford it), buffalo horn, jade (only simple shapes, my lapidary kit is bare bones) I am interested in trying netsuke carving...but I'm not sure where to start...
  13. bonecarver


    Hi John...and thank you! I've never been good at keeping track of time spent carving...I need to keep a log or something as it helps with pricing...at a guess I'd say 20hrs with the jade (Wyoming "apple green")... Finishing projects is the bane of all existence...I have a box full of carvings that for whatever reason failed to make it to the "finished" box...my wife has a similar box...we call them "The Box of Lost Souls"... Nice to meet you John! ...Josh
  14. bonecarver


    Hello all...I'm very happy to have found a community I have needed for years...and years... My name is Josh...I've been carving for...well I really don't know...but at least 10 years. Mainly pendants and jewelery...with some sculpture for flavor. I'm very happy to have stumbled across The Carving Path...sitting in my workshop I didn't realize there was a forum quite like this to spread/absorb knowledge...it's a good thing...