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    ? a stone this can be

    I can't be sure ,but it looks like a fire agate . They usually have ,in geode form a chrystaline center. If yours has a bubbly top. or as you hold the stone . opposite the clear portion Then it most likely is a fire agate. and if you carve the bubbles very carefully you can bring out the fire colors. I hope this helped rock hunter.
  2. rockhunter

    Favorite Tools

    Has anyone considered a surgeon's scalpel? I just got myself a new one off the internet , with fifty blades for less than $20. I clamped two pieces of wood to each side , drilled them , pinned them with pieces of coat hanger rod cut to length. Peened each end after inserting through the holes. Then sanded the sides to make the handles the way I liked them. just like the one I've used for years. TRY IT> YOU'L LIKE IT.
  3. rockhunter

    JADE ..... ready, set, go !!!

    Hi bluesman.
  4. rockhunter

    Siberian Nephrite in Bulk (rough)

    Sorry, I suppose I get too excited , and get careless. And to be honest I am not very good with the protocol's in the forum yet. So I'll probably make more mistakes. anyway, Thanks for looking out for my interest's.
  5. rockhunter

    Siberian Nephrite in Bulk (rough)

    Question for Noblehouse. I like the color of the dark green. So do you have small pieces and at what price? jebsfacets@windstream.net
  6. rockhunter


    Hi everyone. I havn't carved any yet but intend to shortly. I reserched the subject and here is what I found. References are from the internet. Bradley W 1930-meerschaum beds in the greenriver formation of colorado, Wyoming, and Utah U S Geologic survey paper # 158 Next Bush & Faris. V. 1915- Meerschaum Deposits in New Mexico detail in Mining Journal # 99,941 next- Michel H. 1913, Coloidal chemistry of New Mexico meerschaum also --1914 Meerschaum in Grants Co. New Mexico...Koloid. Zeits. 14-146 Next Starretts Douglas B.--1907 Meerschaum in New Mexicovia U S Geologic survey Bulletin # 340, 466. This is from references in other literature. Places of known deposits-- Yavapai Co. Arizona, Chester Co. Pa. Inyo California Durago Mexico Dorsey Mine, in Bears Creek Canyon NM. Also Bears Mountain NM. Also Producing mine in Little Cottonwood Utah. I hope this is of some use to somebody. I am going to grants NM. to check on the possibility of getting some there. John.B.
  7. rockhunter

    New to a forumof any kind

    Thanks Janel. I looked at your work, and found it very nice. I intend to post a photo or two soon as I find the way. I havn't learned the computer well yet but hope to get it before long.
  8. rockhunter

    New to a forumof any kind

    I flew a cessna 175 for a few years till I had a heart attack. Still wish I could do some but can't pass the physical.Best wishe's on your continued good luck. Also thanks for the welcome.
  9. rockhunter

    New to a forumof any kind

    Hi Debbie I'm in T or C NM, just past El Paso Tx. and north about an hour on I 25. I carve imperial jasper, oregon sunstone, some ice cream opal, and a few other stones.Maybe when i figure out how to put a photo on thing here i'll do it. I just took a class in silver smithing so I can set a few of the stones I have faceted. I picked up a lot of my supply of stones while i was traveling in a fifth wheel trailor.
  10. rockhunter

    Whales teeth

    After all the possibilities , just go on the net and ask all the SCRIMSHANDERS who you will find there. They deal in ivory , both mastidon and wolly mammoth as well as animal ivory. I'll bet they can give you chapter and verse on the subject. One thing I do know is they ain't cheap.
  11. rockhunter

    Whales teeth

  12. rockhunter

    New to a forumof any kind

    Hi my name is John I usually carve in wood or gems. Sorry if I mess up in using the computer so please bear with me.I am a pilot, a scuba diver , which I don't do anymore because of age.I however do still cut gems and carve them, also woodcarve, and sometimes scrimshaw in ivory. Enjoy the desert where i live and go on hikes, while looking for stones.