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  1. I'm still hoping by sharing some work, this place will continue to flourish New piece I thought I would share. Something a little different. Story below. Cheers, Billy. What lies beneath? Strength. Pride. Guidance. Your whakapapa (genealogy). Two sides, forever together in your heart, your wairua. It makes you who you are, and makes you an important part of your whanau's (family's) journey. Nothing is stronger than the love for your whanau, your family. Together, the strength is immense. Bring in your whakapapa, your tupuna (ancestors), the strength is impenetrable. Trust in your tupuna for mauriora (spiritual strength and guidance). They are there together for you. They lie within your soul. Unseen, but with great force they preside, yet peaceful and loving. Calm and majestic. Like two whales in the ocean.
  2. Billy

    First Exhibition

    Congratulations. I hope it goes well.
  3. Kia ora David. Every one of them had their own story. If you find them on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/toirongomau you can find out more about them. Thank you for your interest. Gareth.
  4. Nice to see new work from you Lachlan. Lovely work. Cheers.
  5. Nice work Steve. Keep it up brother. I've carved all three too. From my experience I like camel the best. The textures are reminiscent of ivory. Beef bone is a trusted favourite and can get lovely textures with some simple oiling techniques. The giraffe I have I love for its size, but I find that the chemical treatment they have used to export it has compromised the integrity of the bone. I had some success in carving it but had to adjust my designs as some pieces broke of due to the brittle nature of the bone. Cheers, Billy.
  6. Billy

    Sorry To Say

    The great thing I find about the community here is that all the information is easily digestible. Some of the other forums get dozens of posts a day. I always feel like I will miss something. Here, I get to look at most, if not all the posts. I liken it to living in a small town and escaping the hustle and bustle of the big city. Billy.
  7. Nice work. I hope you stick around Russ.
  8. Hi folks. Well it has been a while since I posted. With facebook and blogs my time is often spent in social media. But I do love this place and hope that it can keep going at some capacity. Here is just a taste of what I have been up to in the last few months. I have been busy painting a lot which has limited my carving time. If fact I had a solo in Wellington earlier this year. If you're interested you can see more at http://www.rongomau.com/#!from-the-land/c1eyl Anyway. I hope you enjoy the work. I hope there are still some of my old friends around. I hope this finds you all well. Mauriora. Billy.
  9. Billy

    Paua Shell Purchase

    PM me your address. I'll send you what I have in small fragments and let me know how long that sort of quantity would last. Then I may have a better idea of where to direct you to get more. I get mine from NZ. I simply ring my mum and get her to send me a few whole shells. They last me for a year or two. I don't get the fragments as I prefer to cut out from the whole shell. But I know you can buy fragments for quite cheap. Sebastian has given you a good option, but if you only want tiny pieces, this option might be a bit more expensive. Remember that paua shell is carcinogenic. Make sure you wear a mask at all times if you're creating dust. Cheers, b
  10. Billy

    Paua Shell Purchase

    I have a small container of small fragments but not sure how much you want. It might not be worth sending. Could you get whole shells and break them up?
  11. Billy

    Paua Shell Purchase

    Hi Dan. You can buy paua shell fragments/pieces quite easily in NZ. How much do you want? Billy
  12. Nice work Bella. Glad we're still in contact somewhere
  13. Billy

    Hi All

    Hi Mike. I'm sure we'll be chatting a lot in the future. But for starters, a quick hint would be to buy a lot of sandpaper. For beefbone I would get 100, 300, 600 grits. Also look at gravers. These two things are the best for shaping in the final stages. A handpiece and files are for roughing out and general shaping. Most of the time you can use a jeweller's coping saw for the initial shaping. A wise Thai carver was once asked how he carved such beautiful elephants. He replied. 'it's simple, you just remove everything that isn't elephant'. Same principals apply here. But you must take your time and be careful, because if you take too much away, you won't have an elephant.
  14. Kia ora Darryn. Nice to see you here. In Sydney but from Wellington
  15. They would be worth a bit Janel, depending on the size. They could probably sell them legally within the US borders, but even sending them overseas rarely is a problem. I'm sure there's a few people here that would be interested.
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