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  1. Thank you Janel, here are some more pics of the process:
  2. Fellow carvers, It has been awhile since I have posted, I thought this might be of interest. I might add a thank you to member Phil Coggan who suggested I put scroll behind my gold work. Thank you! Many years ago, Steve Lindsay hooked me up with S R Johnson working on a knife for David Darom. That has led to a series of colabs between SRJ and I including our most recent and spectacular for Carl Lopez. Below is a series of pics showing some of the design work and execution of the installation of the gold and diamonds. for more info please go to: http://knifetreasures.com/viewKnife.php
  3. I recently attended the all new Arts in Metal show in the beautiuful lakeside town of Stresa, Italy. It was a great event attended by some of the best knifemakers and most trend setting collectors in the world. S R Johnson was an invited maker, and he asked me to collaborate on this piece with him: "La Divina Proporzione" Here is a link to the rest of the knives and makers: http://artsinmetal.com/?p=23 The location, the Regina Palace Hotel , on the shores of Lake Maggiore,is in the centre of Stresa and faces the Borromean Islands. This hotel represents a fine example of prestige
  4. Yes Natasha, and thank you. email: barry_hands@yahoo.com website: www.barryleehands.com I will be attending the Milan knife show which is at the marriot hotel in Milan,Italy. I will not have a table, but will walk the crowd looking for interesting knives to buy. If anyone needs to find me at the show they can leave a message with the knifemaker Emmanuel Esposito I will be staying at the Boscolo Exedra Hotel december 2-5. My USA phone may work there, the number is 406 249 4334. Thank you Natasha
  5. The description: Large Sheffield with 416 frame, ATS 34 Blade and Spring. Engraved by Barry Lee Hands, framed with 24k raised gold borders with 24k twisting gold leafwork on Barry's "Black Satin" background, the leaves are mounted with twenty five natural brilliant cut Saphires, and two natural Alexandrites surrounding the exhibition grade white pearl inlay. The the twisting leaf pattern continues onto the Pearl, which is inlaid in 24K gold with Barry's original Gilded Pearl technique . The spine is decorated with 22K gold rope borders and Barry's "Two Hands" signature in Burnished Gol
  6. Loveless style fighter, full integral construction,BG-42 steel, mother of pearl handles,6" blade,engraved with 24k inlay, overlay, And "Gilded Pearl" by Barry Lee Hands.
  7. Ed has got a really great event coming up at which I will be debuting my latest work, a Ron Lake folding Dagger with Gilded pearl, and burnished blade technique, along with inductive layout designed arabesque with five color virgin gold relieved inlay, and a diamond studded screwdriver(in case you need to repair your eyeglasses). The 2010 Chicago Custom Knife Show will be held on Friday and Saturday, September 10-11, 2010, at the Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza. Rooms are $149 per night. Here is a link: http://www.chicagocustomknifeshow.com/ Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza 350 West Mart
  8. This is a piece made by Edmund Davidson, SR Johnson , and Wolfang Loerchner. Heat treat by Paul Bos, sheath by Paul Long, engraved by Barry Lee Hands. If you have not heard of the CKCA and are interested in knives, you should check them out at www.customknifecollectorsassociation.com A great knife for a great cause. Here is a pic, and flyer for the Cancer benefit:
  9. This is a collective effort from Edmund Davidson, Steve Johnson and Wolfgang Loerchner, heat treat by Paul Bos, engraved by Barry Lee Hands which will be donated and raffled to raise funds for Lung Cancer research. It's off to Paul Long's in Texas for a sheath.
  10. Hi Janel, thanks for the question. About a year ago I redrew my leaves to make them all more self similar, this was partly a result of studying damascene briefly in Kyoto. Other reasons were that I was just thinking about negative space, and design as a whole. I was trying to think up ways of conveying a more even , steady emotional temper, if that makes any sense. I thought if I remove the odd details,it might make the emotional flavor stronger. Usually when I do something like this, I draw the stems in first, I call that deductive layout. Lately I have been doing something new on so
  11. Thanks Phil. Your comments are always spot on, I am always pleased to see them. All those leaves added in the background are partly your influence, from that pic of the dagger that you photoshoped your suggestion on. Thank you for that. There is a long way to go with this style, as I am sure you have guessed, that is my intent. I am glad you like the border, that has been controversial. I like it. All the best, B
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