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    Coin Cutting

    Thank you Dan! Could you clear a few things up for me. When you said '1/2 mm drill bits' Did you mean half a mm or one or two mm? Either way could you tell me what sort of drill would be suitable for the job? I've seen a picture of someone using a manual drill but that didn't seem to me, to be very accurate. Will I need a clamp stand for the drill or is it possible to drill free hand? Also could you give me an example of a machine that could grind a coins surface smooth and then polish it too a nice finish. Thank you. P.S Do you have experience cutting coins? It sounds as if you do.
  2. Bernard

    Coin Cutting

    Hello, I’m looking to give coin cutting a try, it seems very interesting and I’ve seen lots of great designs. The thing is I can’t find any websites that give you a ‘how to’ on coin cutting. From what I’ve gathered: 1. You drill through the coin but with what kind of drill and what size drill bits? 2. Then using a piercing saw, cut what you don’t want out. Again what size saw blades are used? 3. Using needle files (again what size?) you tidy the job up A few problem with this simple run through I have is – I’ve seen coins where the detail of the cut is so small, like around the writing of a coin and a whole is cut through the centre of an ‘o’ it’s just so fine a detail. I just don’t understand how that can be done with just the tools I’ve written about above. Also you’ve got the option to grind the coin down and then polish it up to make a blank coin before you cut out your design. What sort of grinder and polisher would be best for this job? Any advice would be great, Thank you.
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