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  1. Very nice Ford, But I was hoping it was one of your works
  2. Tom, Thanks for all the work on the book. As soon as I have time to downlaod it, I will. I think lots of folks will appreciate it. Bob
  3. Nice work Jim. The water appears almost white in the picture. Is this right?
  4. Hi Janel, Very nice. Is the frog eyeing the fruit? Is that fruit? Bob
  5. Hi Alex, I don't know what horimono or mei are, but I use tungsten carbide bits (3/32") in a reciprocating handpeice to carve steel, and it works quite well, and the edge holds up better than anything else I know of. So, if you already have some, you should try it. I don't use it for gravers, because for that, it does tend to be too brittle. For that I use lathe cutoff bits (5% cobalt HSS steel) They work nicely.
  6. gorgeous sword Jake. Did the wootz come from Ric Furrer? I just spennt the weekend with him.
  7. Hi Doug, Ricassos aren't inherently difficult to carve, but this one was because I had to go from a circle to a bevel around it. It was sifficult to make a smooth transition between the two. (add smilie of Bob sweating bullets)
  8. Hi all, and thanks for the compliments. The background texture is actually the pattern in the steel. I didn't make the steel (Ed Schempp did). After I finished the surface, I etch it with ferric chloride, and the pattern shows up like magic. The ricasso area was especially difficult on this knife. There's a hole surrounded by a leaf pattern.
  9. Hi folks, Here's my latest attempt at a knife.
  10. Nice gift Janel, If the color of the base is what it appears, it looks like paduk.
  11. This is some impressive work, esp. the table. Thanks.
  12. Hi. Lighting is very important. I worked in a jewelry factory for 17 years, and we always used three-bulb flourescent lamps. Now that I work in my own shop, I use the same type of lamp. It's made by Dazor, and the bulbs are eighteen inches long. The three-bulb lamps work the best. They stay cool, which for me is important, as I usually rest the lamp right against my forhead when I'm working. I also have a second lamp which shines over my left shoulder. You almost can't have too much light (especially as you get older )
  13. Hi Janel, Stunning peice of work. The wood looks so rich and sensual.
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