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    Tools/Eqpt for sale

    For sale: NSK Hi-Rite air grinder, 320,000 rpm. Very nice unit (no longer mfr'd), probably never even used. $275 Jun-Air 6-4 compressor, plus regulator, filter, mist separator & ambient dryer. $550 (Over $1500 new w/o extras) Werther Panther Silent Compressor. New, custom assembled, comparable to a P100/24 AL, but bigger (10 gal.) tank. Runs perfect, maybe 15 mins. of testing then never used again. A great machine. No filter/regulator incl. $800 (New: $2600) Leica S6 Microscope w/ 10x eyepieces- (This is the 60 degree model) Like new condition. $800 (Cost about $1400 new.) Email for photos & details. mitch email