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    Bone Carving Dvd

    Tony, I have both sets.and for me it was a great help in trying to learn bone carving.i have the book to and. It to has helped me ..but to see some one doing the carving close up learning about tool that are used.works for me..and he shipped the DVD fast..this is my 2 cents for what it's worth...
  2. Hiloboy

    Quick! Grab a camera

    i'm so sorry Janel i'll delete the picture and try again..i hope it works better next time..
  3. Hiloboy

    Quick! Grab a camera

    well this is my new shop i just moved in to last month more room for more toys and best of all it still clean has AC!! now i can find my tools when i need them .. and with the AC i can think when i work i hope the pictures work first time posting any pictures if not sorry..i hope this is better sorry Janel
  4. Hiloboy


    i have been useing a Vaniman problast for about 3years now and i like it alot..but even with all the filters i have for it .my new shop is not the place for it. just to much fine dust.. so i'm trying to find a place outside that i can put up a small roof of so kind so when i need to blast something. i can just sit it up out there.. http://www.vaniman.com/products/product.ph...rt_number=80008
  5. Hiloboy

    new from Hawaii

    hi, i'm from Hilo, Hawaii. great site you have here lots to learn..i am a engraver and i also do scrimshaw, engrave on glass and also do pyro on wood, leather, and gourds.. mahalos for letting me be a part of the group..i'm here to learn all i can..and i'll try to share what i know when ever i can..i think i may have posted here before my computer died if i did please forgive me for posting again under whos who...
  6. Hiloboy

    Hello from Hawaii

    thanks everyone, i have been doing a lot of engraving on urns putting kamons and kanji (lettering) for familys after some one passes on. we have a large population of japanese on this island and i was thinking about a new service of maybe carving on some of the wood urns they sometime use. just thinking of new way to make that money stuff . most of the urns are make out of koa. a hawaiian hard wood. thanks for looking and letting me be a part.. mahalos Curt
  7. Hiloboy

    Hello from Hawaii

    i found this site and have been lurking for maybe a month. just looking at all the great works. i work as a engraver and also do scrimshaw. i also do some pyro and glass work.. i'm thinking of trying my hand at some wood carving. maybe relief type carving.. and this looks like the place to learn.. thanks for letting me be part of your group.. Aloha no!!!