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    live and death, soul of peoples, miniature sculpture
  1. DDE-f

    Where to buy netsuke tools.

    My name is Dmitry
  2. DDE-f

    Dmitriy Emel`yanjv, Russia

    it is incorrect and unmodered site. right website at http://artmini.narod.ru only English part now under construction.
  3. DDE-f

    Hi from Russia!

    Dear Janel ! Thank You very much for Your reply! Yes I use only handtools without any mechanic and optic tools. It is very long way, but it is so interest ! ;-) Unfortunately now I only go back to my old possibilities after trauma and can not much more still... But I hope it is will possible for me!!! ;-) Optimism make from primate the homo sapiens ;-) Yes my English is very bad... I am use electronic translator still 8-(((
  4. DDE-f

    Hi from Russia!

    Dear Jim! Thank You very much for Your reply! The altar is have sices 130x108x40 millimetres. It is not so small from my work ;-)
  5. DDE-f

    Hi from Russia!

    Dear Adrian! Thank You very much for Your reply! I will try contact with Natalia Popova. And with Vladimir Rusinov I was have some letters exchanges early, but in this time I was have very big problems with Internet and our contacts was finished... probably I will try start new contact with Vladimir. Thank you again!!!
  6. DDE-f

    Where to buy netsuke tools.

    Dear Jim! Thank You very much for your reply! Oh, it is work tools and it not so beautiful how I made early(10 years back I haved trauma that kill business for create and sale tools). But tools create it is not so hard process and I think any can try it! And this steel it is fantastic!!!
  7. DDE-f

    Where to buy netsuke tools.

    Probably You will be wish create some tools yourself? In this case I can recommend to You use a needles that use in diesel motors (in atomizers). It is excellent steel !!! His hardness around 62-67 HRC (as at a good metalwork file or higher), but with good elastic properties (any other steel will not allow to create a direct chisel with the size of a cutting part 0,1 millimeter for work with a hardness material) self-hardening steel (you don't need to hardening tools after sharpening). Long time I am made tools for me from this needles and not wish see any another steel !!! May be You will try to make it? It is not so hard create of tools how You can think ! But in this case You will have that tool that is necessary to You !!! I am assured that creating of tools will be pleasant to You !!! Please forgive me very bad English... P.S. at foto my personal tools as sample ;-) some ideas for create micro-tools (drafts, photos of tools and case storage, etc.) You could find at http://artmini.narod.ru/english/tools.htm - all it is FULL free for Colleagues!!!
  8. DDE-f

    Hi from Russia!

    Dearest! May be who know any carver who create miniature sculpture of hard wood and bone? Sometime I am use this technique and to me very interest any Colleague!!! In attachment some of my work as sample technique where I search of carvers. Thank You very much for Your attention to me! Sincerely Yours - Dmitry. Please forgive me very bad English...