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  1. Doc martins Bombay inks, scrimshaw for the colors. The original drawing for the Hei Toki. Might help with the visualization.
  2. Edited to make the images less enormous. I forgot they were unedited phone pictures.
  3. Some of the things I have done since I have posted here. Almost too many things to list but I will hit the highlights. Cow bone Carvings. Giraffe bone Carvings. These are the latest carvings .
  4. I use files, dremel, and small chisels. normally I wouldn't sign a piece at all. but when I got finished with it and looked at it, I had a deja vu moment and saw my initials below the carving. since its just going to hang out with my keys in my pocket its not huge I suppose. added my location <<-------- Robert
  5. trying my hand at relief carving haven't done this kind of thing before. as I cannot remove the initials from the bone but I can remove them from your view I also am an avid graphic artist with Photoshop and Illustrator which affords me some creative freedoms I was never one for subtlety but I will work on it. thank you for the advice.
  6. Robert C


    I think perhaps it is a combination of the taper I did and perhaps because the bone had been baked. I don't know for certain if it was baked but from what I've read here and elsewhere pet shop bones apparently are baked. this particular crack starts at the tip and goes clear through to the base of the hook. since it is unlikely the crack will continue if no wear or use occurs I have decided to lash it up and make a small shadow box for it. at least then I will be able to see it
  7. Robert C


    Thought I would say hello since I am new and post my work. my first carving. turned out nice though it developed a crack so I am no longer wearing it. my latest carving. I tried to make it a little more beefy despite wanting my original design. The color is a little darker due to a tea stain to bring out all the character. the design is less traditional since I like the symbolism of it but found the same design with more distance between the shank and hook tended to catch on things sometimes, and rather than end up with a broken hook I just closed the gap. I sti
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