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  1. lauri

    Zippo Lighter

    Hei JP, loved to see your work, must have been an agony to do it, although it must have been a nice feeling to give something so unique to a person you like. I have earlier made some zippos but nothing to compare with yours. I did cut a relief of a wood grouse out of of a sheet of 0.7 mm brass, carve it and cut it the same way as your dragon, so that part of it is on the upper part and rest on the lower part. If you don't mind I would like to "borrow" your dragon for something, one can never have too many dragons? Lauri
  2. lauri

    It's not a carving!

    Hei Don, for me your boat seems safety enough, the bottom is flat and I would imagine that it is not that easy to have it up side down. I might have it all wrong but so I feel. I would love to test such a boat, looks very nice and finely made too! Lauri
  3. lauri

    gemstone carvings

    Hei Kenneth, I'm very sad to hear of your hand shaking! When I was reading about it I had to take a little time to think what to say, if I would have any comfort to You. So, there is not a lot to say or to comfort. I could say what all the things you have made in the past mean to other people or that it is a normal thing to face when one is getting old or something between of those. You know, small talk. Well, as a gemcarver I can put myself in to your position and to know that nice words can't comfort the gradually loose of craft and the skills you have learned in a long period of working. I'm well aware that I will face the same destiny sooner or later, but I don't think that it will comfort you... It is irony that when we are on the peak of our knowledge and skills, our body will let us down. It would be nice to be 25 of age and have the knowledge of someone aged 100 years old. All though, sometimes in the mornings I feel like been 100 years old, but it is quite normal I think. Ruff life with all those lovely stones takes it's toll. Anyway, all the best to You and to your family, I would like to "chat" with you in the future and if someone of us makes something to show I would like to share it with you. Lauri
  4. lauri


    What a view! Wish I was there! Merry Christmas to you and your "staff". Lauri
  5. lauri

    Sharpening Honing

    Hei Debbie, I would like to recommend to you to temper the steel to dark blue if you are going to use it for wood and bone. A straw color is ok for tools for metal work, like taps and drills, but a lesser hard steel is easier to sharpen and not that brittle. I have had some knives that were not correctly tempered and they were of no use. Just an opinion, not an order. Merry Christmas to You. Lauri
  6. lauri


    Hei James, it's not the quality that counts in your first attempts, it's the hard working-attitude. It seems to me that you might have it, and after countless hours of hard work you don't need to think the quality the others are having to show. That is the hell and heaven in crafts; one can't have the skill without hard work and studying the subject you are interested of. It takes time and effort, but one could waste his/hers time in less pleasing things. I think you are born to be a craftsman, so enjoy the ride! Lauri
  7. lauri

    gemstone carvings

    [ WOW! Hei Kenneth , your work is really something special, this is one of the nicest things I have ever seen. There is something that makes it so stunning, perhaps the combination of the colors and shapes, I don't know, but this one is a knock-out! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You, please don't stop visiting us, I will promise to try to be a god boy, or what ever! Lauri
  8. lauri


    Hei Bob, nice to see you here. The service is a little bit slow and the turkey a little bit dry but otherwise the company here is quite alright if you don't have too great expectations. We are always hoping to see and read new or old things you are willing to show and vice versa. Have fun! Lauri
  9. lauri


    Kenneth, you are hopeless! I'm telling my best stories to you and all you want is new stories! No milk and cookies to you this night, I'm sorry. (Nice you liked it). Debbie, it's a nice stone to carve, one can make almost anything out of it, it can be nicely polished, not mirror- polish but nice enough. Only problem is to find a piece without cracks, because most of the pieces are those found on the ground, not cut from bigger solid blocks. All too much underestimated stone in Finland, but what can one do! I have made all kind of nice items out of it but unfortunately s.c. large audience is not familiar with the stone. We could use and value it like they do in New Zealand with their green stone, but that'l be the day! Lauri Ps. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU, DEBBIE !
  10. lauri


    We don't have Thanksgiving in Finland but I will try to sense it, so HAPPY THANKSGIVING to You also, and all the best! Lauri
  11. lauri


    Okay Kenn, this is the bed-time-story You asked, but this is the last one. Once upon a time there was in Lapland a competition for gold digging or something like that. You know, you have to find gold nuggets from a bucket full of dirt and water. Sounds very interesting and also looks very interesting. Anyhow, they decided that those poor visitors who came to see the mesh needed something more cultivated and planned a stone grinding and carving competition as a less important sideshow, called Lapland's prettiest stone. They had different categories and one was carving. Winner would have some 50 marks (this happened in the old merrier times) and minor fame. Anyhow, there was a huge fight between me and a local fellow and funnily I won. The result of this earthquakeing battle is seen in the following picture, if it follows. All the stones used had to be from Lapland and that was my weakest part. With a little help from friends and enemies I got serpentine, white and yellow quartz and gold. Result is nice, I have to admit because the others are quiet. And now, in bed You go! Sweet dreams, Kenn. Ps. it's supposed to be a cloudberry-necklace. Lauri
  12. lauri

    hello from an englishman carving jade in china

    Hei Andrew, welcome to meet strange people with an addict to jade or other stones or even more disgusting items! It's good to have here someone who is really connected with jade carving in the actual place. Have to say that my fever is not strong enough for learning to speak chinese, but perhaps the Force is not so strong with me. Have to admire you, you will go very fare in carving jade with that attitude! Send pictures of tools and how it's done (carving) if they are not secrets of the trade, in which case you don't. Lauri
  13. lauri


    Hei guys, I almost missed this fight, been a little bit busy. Ken, your flower is beautiful as usual, I'm just wondering what's your method in making the vase? I myself made first a cylinder, then made the holes and last carved the shape. About the casting of the stem, I have been told that you can either use a dry natural stem or a waxed one. They are casted in plaster and burned away before actual casting. Probably the waxed one burns easier. The stem of my blueberry was made so that I first collected blueberry-stems, dried them, cut in to suitable pieces and the goldsmith casted them. Then I decided how the pieces were jointed, where the small pivots for the leaves and the berries were positioned, and all was soldered together and finished. Sounds easy, but it was not, trust me. All the best, Lauri
  14. lauri

    Hair pick and first "work" post

    Hei Charles, This is a nice start! It's some kind of bone, isn't it? What kind of tools you were using with cutting and carving, would be nice to know. Keep on the good work! Lauri
  15. lauri

    New web article on my work

    It is great to see that in some countries even the government has enough sense to build something to commemorate old times and in a form that stays and needs no explanations. No need to say that my country is not on that list! Phil, I would envy you for your job if I had your talents but now I just will say that I admire your talents. In modern times there are less and less people capable to make look-a-like figures like yours! Lauri