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  1. I am wondering in wich ways one can take over the line drawing/design/sketch on to the workpiece. Was this technique already described somewhere? By wich - different - ways are you all doing this? Thanks in advance for your information.
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    Hello, I am Alex and I am from the beginnersdepartment allthough I do have some general woodworkingexperience. I have been working in childpsychiatry before but when I started to renovate my house and later on helping a friend making furniture in his shop I met the woodworking. I have no technical education or background at all but when I had found the evidence there are good tools existing for the woodworking but not for sale in a shop in my country (the Netherlands) I got passionate about tools and was invited to built up a shop for the woodworking craftsman. So now I am working for more then ten years as an advicer for buying tools for and selling tools to woodworking crafstman and woman. I can say I have become a specialist becos of my passion and curiousity for crafts and craftspeople and becos I have wonderfull customers, and I have been doing all kind of techniques of woodworking myself. I have the key of the workshop of (one of) the best furniturebuilder(s) I know and I realy like to help and do my thing overthere. I like making beautifull things and especially sculptures but that is more as wish and less an activity becos of lack of time. I very much enjoy to meet people overhere, to see those beautifull things made and to be able to learn, learn and learn what can help me and help me to help my customers. I hope I will find the time to show some of my practice in an effort to learn and i also hope I can contribute in some other way to this fine forum.
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