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  1. beautiful work. thanks for sharing.
  2. Jades (jadeite, nephrite) are the best. Go to your local gem show, for carving practice, they are not very expensive, but you will have a piece of jade carving when you done practice. Good luck. Yloh
  3. Wilcom to the Carving Path. Yloh
  4. I know there is a demo video in the forum, just could'nt find it. Thanks for bring it up. Yloh
  5. Nice work. Thanks for sharing. Yloh
  6. Very good idea. hope you to come often.
  7. I visted your site, what kind of the material is those carvings?
  8. Thanks for sharing. wonderful work.
  9. yloh

    Hello From Maine

    For carving stone, you need diamond burrs. Wish you have fun, my frind
  10. The works done by a fiend I just met. Thaks for looking. Wilson
  11. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful material.
  12. What is that for and how to use it?
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