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  1. I have yet another timelaspe carving video. It's a bear. As always, I'm interested in feedback. I used feedback, of the last post I made, in this video. In this video my dad carves a bear in 50 Minutes on August 7, 2010 at a fair out of a 3 1/2 piece of white pine. Link: Picture:
  2. It's 3 and a half feet. It's white pine, Nothing more was done on our part, It's was actioned at the end of the week that it was carved. It is portable. I used your question when I made another video after this one, I'll be posting it in the future. Thanks for the feedback and the shrink of the images.
  3. I have another video, this time I was the one who made the video. It's my dad's carvings. I am interest in feedback on the carving and the video, for future improvements. I've also attached some images. Here's the link to the video: PS: I like how this site shrinks the images, It gets annoying when I have to shrink the images in a separate program to fit the page.
  4. Very good work. I usually don't think of steel as something you can carve.
  5. Thanks for the worm welcome, I'll be sure to look around.
  6. This technically isn't my work, but it's my dad's work. I am still interest in feedback on the piece and the video. I too learn from his mistakes, and can grow from them. The person who ordered the piece paid a guy to make the video, but in the future it will probably be me making the videos of his chainsaw carving escapades, so any feedback on the video itself would be helpful. Here's the link to the video: While I'm on the subject, a You Tube tag would be a nice idea for the forum.
  7. I'm a chainsaw carver from Chesterfield, Michigan. Both me and my dad do this sort of work. I learned from a lot of people but mostly from My dad. I do a lot of different types of pieces, including video game characters, bears, frogs, snails, log cabins, totem poles, tikis, rabbits and a lot of others. My dad on the other hand has done it all, cats, dogs, bears, wolves, people, buffaloes, owls, fish, eagles, herons, and anything you could possibly think of. We do stump jobs, on-site jobs, orders, shows, and competitions. Glad to be her on The Carving Path, I look forward to talking with all of you here and learning more about the carving arts..
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