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  1. Definitely carving mate, keep posting Nice work as always
  2. Here it is with a pre-polish. More work to polish and make a container/base to come. Its not perfect but Im very happy with it. See the in progress shots here.
  3. Ooops my bad, the gravers for the templates are 3/32" so much smaller, my tips would be half this size. Perfect size I think though for the reasons I said above. They cannot be used with gravers with mounted points, the points need to be removable. But I just got one of these, super comfortable: http://www.airgraver...lmpush-tool.jpg Stones have to be 1/2 inch thick and you'll want the surface to be perfectly flat.
  4. No just for the 3/8 inch bits, though thats big enough for what I need one for. How big are yours and what are you hoping to do with them. I sharpened the face of mine down to about 1-1.5/8 inch and they are still big enough. If I had to remove more material Id be reaching for my foredom and carbide burrs and a file. Even with such a small face there is still a lot of force required to push it through the bone, unless you're planning to chase it with a hammer I wouldnt go bigger. You can always do multiple runs for increased depth and width. The biggest problem I had was when sharpening mine without the template I couldnt get my heels right and the graver would "rip" the bone when going around corners.
  5. I tried several times to make gravers for engraving and struggled to get one that cut well. In the end I bit the bullet and bough a template from Steve Lindsay engraving. Its quick easy and foolproof to sharpen and they cut sooo well.
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