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  1. Re the detailed tutorials on facebook: You'd be surprised, a lot of artists post in progress shots and answer any and all questions one could ask about technique and tools. Likewise if one wants to know just ask and many people provide info on how to do something. I also use it to directly contact artists and get their tools and techniques from them, so far all have replied. TCP has some great info but then again maybe Ive just read it all already or my search topics are outside the realm of TCP. I havent come here from a google search in a long time. TCP has 2220 members by my count, though it might not be representative of the actually current membership. That is double most of the facebook groups I visit, people just dont post often here. Posts of new work get amazing coverage on facebook and I now sell most of my pieces and get most of my commissions on there. If one adds the utility of having ones own artist page and directed advertising offered by facebook it represents and unparalleled opportunity to get work out there. You can direct your advertising of work to people of certain interests, jobs and even different pay brackets. In the US you can even direct it to people who spend greater then a certain amount of $ on the internet. Everyone is different. I really do hope TCP returns to its former glory and offered the above links for those, who like me, were missing a steady stream of awesome work to look at and inspire
  2. Thanks! Im on a mission to carve all my lower quality jade to sell to get money to buy better quality jade/gemstones for sculptural pieces.
  3. Definitely carving mate, keep posting Nice work as always
  4. Havent really posted here much, tend to post mostly to facebook groups now (see here Carving Forums And Groups) Full story for each can be found here Larridinya Carvings Thought Id share these. Kawakawa pounamu mobius Mobius group shot. Left is Burmese jadeite, middle and right are Guatemalan jadeite Mixed pounamu (flower jade, kawakawa and inanga), simple organic designs Totoweka pounamu
  5. So this place is pretty dead these days and Ive found some very useful groups on facebook. Our Workbenches Great place for all things related to making your work and has some of the best carvers in the world as members always willing to share advice. How to make tools, how to use tools, etc. Friends Of Jade Jade related group and the one I can find with the most members. Again some of the best jade carvers are members of this group and there are rough jade sales, pictures, carvings and also a great place to ask advice and share. Also fantastic inspiration! JadeNow, the Book of Contemporary Jade Culture Another jade only group, not as many members or as much content as friends of jade but has its place. Резная миниатюра * Carved Miniatures Amazing work in all forms from all over the world, really inspirational stuff. Im sure there are many many more and the turnover on these forums is 20x what it is on here so people will comment on your work, give feedback and help with questions almost immediately. There are also many groups for art sales and art in general. Ive sold more stuff on facebook then anywhere else, often though one has to be specific and say this is for sale! These groups also opened my eyes beyond the usual English Western carvers to the absolutely amazing work done by Asian, Germans and Russian friends. I thought Id seen good carvings and I remember the day my whole world fell down and took on a whole new perspective of what good was! Anyway sad to see the place so dead, but if you love getting immersed in these things these groups are fantastic. I dislike facebook (I dont even have a mobile phone) but it has so many useful bits to it!
  6. To anyone who missed the exhibit in Vancouver you missed a fantastic event! The talks were amazing, the carvings were amazing and the ancient chinese carvings were mind blowing! Great to meet some jade folks and talk about the green.
  7. This is my favourite out of the three you just posted ! Nice neat lines.
  8. Nice idea mate, like the etching too!
  9. Thanks David, yes it's off to the exhibition.
  10. The base is 13cm in diameter the disc is a tad under 11cm and 12mm thick. Attached is my artist statement and name.
  11. Yeah Im still getting my head around how gloss effects a piece. I think you've nailed it though the gloss detracted from the crossovers, and didnt give a good texture to the overall piece especially with the way it plays with light. The inside of the crossovers is gloss.
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