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  1. Hello Natasha, Oh my - you are walking with the Goddess yourself - this is fabulous!!! Such a delightful mix of Classical and Fantasy. Thank you, ~Magnus~
  2. Hi Billy, Thanks for this important info - I am just getting into carving antler and bone and my current setup is entirely inadequate. I've got a mask just like the one in your photo that I have used when sawing or sanding cedar for our kayak frames - they work very well. I will at least start using that immediately. I have been doing a lot of my carving so far with gouges and such - they don't generate the tiny particles it seems and I have been trying to do my sanding wet. How do you sand your pieces?(You get a beautiful clean line and polish on everything I've seen) Thanks for shari
  3. Nice Work Mark!! This is lovely - very subtle and no loss of the "feel of the wood" but such an increase in the effect of the relief carving. Thank you for posting this! ~Magnus~
  4. Hi Don, Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! What have you been carving lately ? Blessings, Magnus
  5. Thank you Sharry, I looked briefly at your cake top sculptures - very cool. Magnus
  6. Hi Janel, Sounds like the show is going well - wish we were there to see your works in person. These boxes, and especially of course the apple, as just awesome. I love the detailing and the curves on the stem,and the lady bugs are such a nice touch. Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Magnus
  7. Hello Natasha, Wow - I missed this somehow - once again you bring the inspiration into reality - Beautiful - thanks for sharing! Blessings, Magnus
  8. Thanks to all for your compliments - these mean a lot to me coming from such artists - it does encourage new works. Yloh - the whole ring was first carved as a wax and cast in one piece - the owl was therefore carved in the wax but finished in the silver with chasing and engraving. here's a photo of the owl in the wax and again before the finishing.Also the ring in rough cast state. Blessings, Magnus
  9. Hello Brian, This is very nice indeed. I do hope you will post some pictures of it with the silk braids and on a wrist. I look forward to seeing more of your pieces. Bravo! ~Magnus~
  10. Hello everyone, Seems ages since I've posted anything here. I've been so busy this summer reroofing the house and such - I have barely had time to even look much at all the lovely work of others here @ TCP. I just finished this commissioned ring. - The main stone is the clients tourmaline - about 40 cts. All the little stones are sapphire with the exception of the pyrope garnet in the mouth of the Raven. I cut the cabs myself - the garnet has a small five pointed star carved into it to represent a rowen berry. Also the tree is supposed to be a rowen tree. Though this was initially carve
  11. Hello Jim, I am sorry to hear of the demise of the bat population in your area (just one of so many obvious signs.) Your work here on this little tray is stunning - all your works are inspiring - this has to be one of my most favorite of all! Thank you so much. Blessings, Magnus
  12. Hello Evgeni, Very nice work! I like the whole concept, design and workmanship on this. Beautiful. Thanks for the post. Magnus
  13. hi Billy, I truly love your work - it is very inspiring. This carving is so beautiful and so well done as all I've seen of your work. The subtlety and the pairing of the two sides is great. This pieces expresses the Spirit of the Natural World so well even in photos,that if held it must bring the holder into an altered state of Grace. Thanks for sharing. (I've started carving bone and antler to ingrate with my metalwork - mostly by the influence of your work.) Thanks for sharing, ~Magnus~ P.S. Could you remark on the meaning of this piece a bit?
  14. Hello Mibeck, It all depends on what you have by way of tools and experience - the simplest way would be to fabricate the piece from half round silver wire of the right size (a little bit larger than the finished dimensions)- get your circle by using a ring mandrel - just as you would do if you were making a wedding band - you would need to have a torch to hard solder the joint, and some other forming tools - I've used this method in a flute I made out of purple heart wood and it worked out just fine. You are able to work harden the piece this way and make it quite strong. The original piece
  15. Hi Janel, It's nice to see your work as always - beautiful pieces. I like the vase very much - it reminded me of your porcelains also (I'm glad to see those designs coming through in your present work). I love the Spring Song - interesting overall shape to this one. Thank you so much for your sharing. Best wishes, ~Magnus~
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