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  1. Janel, This is coming along so beautifully! The details show up very well in the photo. The ukibori adds much to the form - it's an amazing technique. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Thanks. Blessings, Magnus
  2. Hi Janel, Thanks - this helps me quite a bit in visualizing where you started from and how much you can get out of a rather small piece of wood. It must be nice to have tree frogs in your studiio. I have plenty of them, but unfortunately they are in the trees and generally very hard to catch sight of and never when I have my camera with me. Blessings, Magnus
  3. Hello All, I think Clive is absolutely right on here - I feel you cannot connect to the work as directly through a handpiece as you can when you are using a carving tool the "feel" just isn't there - also what Clive says about making your own tools is Very Important. I think power tools can help rough things out though without causing problems. Thanks, Clive. By the way, your work that I've seen is inspirational - I'd love to see it in person - any thing of yours in public exhibit on the West oast of U.S.? Magnus
  4. Thanks Dick, I'm glad to see this forum open up - your drawings are great and really help us to see the development of your ideas. Looking forward to seeing more. Magnus
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