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  1. I have a guy who can do this, but he may have flaked out. Anyone wanna take up this offer still? thanks
  2. Hi there, I dont know where to post this so Im just doing it here. I need someone to carve some bangles for me, from solid pieces of ivory, and could do my initial samples and do my production as well. Like if u wanna do this project u would need to know how to do a perfect bangle from solid ivory first. pm me your best price and I'll show u what I neec carved thanks
  3. Hi there I would like find someone who can carve bangles for me that I have designed. Now, some of the bangles have diamonds set into pave style gold, so that means I would need the carver to work with a jeweler who can do this as well. I would like to get some quotes together if thats possible. thanks
  4. Hi there I'm Cody I'm on the hunt for someone who can carve me some bangles out of my mammoth ivory. Someone who can do it at a cheap rate, but good quality. I was having someone in India do it, but they break too much of my ivory. And I have some diamond pave work that needs to be attached to your jewelry, can u attach it? Anyways, anyone out there that can do this? thanks