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  1. Hi Deniz, Nice material to work. I use wood saws, sharp and thin blades or you waist material. You can use band saws but the blades tend to be thicker and you will eat more material up which yoiu dont want to do. You can shape it up on carborundum wheel though belts would be better ( keep wet or you will fill the room with dust not to mention your lungs. You should be able to shape simple shapes with this alone. Finish by hand with emery papers and polish on felt with Linde A. If you want to take it further and carve use a pendant drill with steel carving burrs and blaze away. Good luck
  2. Came across this intresting web site and video on my laptop when tidying it up. I hope it is not a repost. Well worth a look for any stone carves who need some inspiration. http://stonecarving.ru/stone-sculptures-creation.html
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