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    I am an artist by profession. And my hobby is mountain bike...:)
  1. dmitrygor

    My New Animal Carvings (Dmitrygor)

    Dear Friends, I am sharing with you a bolo tie I carved recently which depicts a moose and the leather strips are decorated at the both ends with acorns and oak leaves.
  2. dmitrygor

    My New Animal Carvings (Dmitrygor)

    This little Doggie now lives with us in our house... :) Once upon a time, hundreds of thousands years ago there lived a huge furry elephant, called Mammoth, on the vast and snowy territories of a distant land... Never could he even think that his huge tusk would once turn into a little dog, so round and nice that you want to hold him always in the palm of your hand feeling his warmth... The warmth with which Nature imbued him and which It so benevolently shares with us.....even after centuries that passed since then...
  3. dmitrygor

    My New Animal Carvings (Dmitrygor)

    Dear Friends, this time I would like to share with you the carving I made in mammoth tusk, finished in December. The animals' movement is the thing that always catches me and holds me when I am carving.... Never stop admiring these creatures of the woods!!!! More fotos focusing on the details can be seen on my website at http://carving-studi...boar-and-wolves
  4. dmitrygor

    My New Animal Carvings (Dmitrygor)

    Dear Friends, I would like to share with you one of my recent carvings which we called Run, Storm, Dash. Borzois and Fox Hunting Scene. It's devoted to the Russian hunting with traditional Russian hunting dog breed - the borzois, very beautiful and speedy, full of grace and vigour, these dog never stop arousing our admiration when we see them with our own eyes....
  5. dmitrygor

    My New Animal Carvings (Dmitrygor)

    Brian C, thanks a lot for the warning!!!! I clicked on the fotos here to try to find where it would end, luckily no bad stuff downloaded...perhaps the directories change from time to time....
  6. dmitrygor

    Website Refresh

    Billy, thank you for the link to your Website! The art things of any culture are very interesting to look at and to learn the history of the development...though of 'cos it'd be greater to see you in person and hear a little story of each told by you, the master:)
  7. dmitrygor

    My New Animal Carvings (Dmitrygor)

    I carved on moose antler this composition with a wild bird (a wood grouse and a laika), this is the first time I've carved wild birds, usually wild animals are my cup of tea...
  8. dmitrygor

    Okimono Ivory Technique - Dilemma

    Dear Friends, I would be very grateful if you could share your ideas about the technique used in carving Okimono figures like the ones the fotos of which I attach. In particular, I am interested how the straw matting the man is sitting on is made and the fringes of the clothes of the other man... I've studied some written sources about netsuke, means of toning, scrimshaw technique, etc Are these two the perfect examples of scrimshaw? Or?
  9. dmitrygor

    My New Animal Carvings (Dmitrygor)

    The wolf's head has been worked over a bit - here is the final result:
  10. dmitrygor

    Moose antler carver from Russia

    My old Web-site has moved to http://carving-studio.com
  11. dmitrygor

    My New Animal Carvings (Dmitrygor)

    Dear Friends, I would like to share with you some fotos of my carving in mammoth tusk I have finished recently, It is called A Wolf and a Cub (the wolf is an animal that I admire much...).
  12. dmitrygor

    My New Animal Carvings (Dmitrygor)

    My carved composition, a copy from an old German sculpture.
  13. dmitrygor

    Pill Box

    Richard, thanks for sharing, yes, the natural effect of a woven basket IS achieved, that's great!!! nice and marvellous!!!
  14. dmitrygor

    Deer Antler Query

    You can also visit http://antlercarver.com
  15. dmitrygor

    My New Animal Carvings (Dmitrygor)

    Dear Friends, Thank you very very much for your kind words, they are very encouraging!!!!! And here I am posting some fotos of another carving of mine - Moose and Two Wolves Chasing The moose, the wolves, the trees are carved into the antler and coloured by burning; and are carved against the background of a landscape (burning technique).