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  1. David Moir

    Deer Antler

  2. David Moir

    Mermaid - bone

    This the reason why many of us are hesitant to share our work.
  3. David Moir


    Well done Oleg!
  4. David Moir

    Back To The Grave.....

    That's creepy.
  5. David Moir

    Alabaster Supplies

    Softer alabaster will be easier to turn than hard. Stone with a consistent hardness, without inclusions, will be easier also but using solid material without fractures is mandatory. Alabaster without defects will have a clear ring to it when struck with a steel hammer, fractured stone will have a hollow sound. Stan at Colorado Alabaster has a lifetime of experience with the material and has always been friendly and helpful to me. http://www.coloradoalabaster.com/
  6. David Moir

    Bone Antler

    Clever use of the limitations and strengths of the material. You'll be able to rattle in some very small deer.