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  1. James K

    Binding stone

    Hi Billy, the best product I've used on stone is Tenax stone epoxy-its a 100:1 ratio and the stone will not break on the joint once glued. Galaxy Tools carries it along with alot of other great products for stone work. www.galaxytoolsupply.com.
  2. James K

    Dragonfly's of summer

    That is Beautiful! never seen one like it. Dragonfly's are a wonderful symbol of transformation and metamorphoses. Thanks!
  3. James K


    Thanks Terry, I've just recently found out about that festival, would Love to get my hands on some of that blue jade!! Next year may be an option, we'll see how the carving goes this summer and if I can sell some of it.
  4. James K


    1. two serpentine's together-Black Chlorite form BC/ Spotted egg from Whitehorse. 2. Massive included serpentine/granite/garnet/pyrite from Whitehorse, I call it the Serpent. 3. The back side. 4. Familiar. Clear dark serpentine/spider limestone.
  5. James K

    Bowenite/serpentine ?

    Hi Terry, The serpentine I collect is very much like what you have there, I get it locally. The owl in my pics is aprox. 190lbs, the claws are see through. What I have found is that serpentine/bowenite-same thing to me- has many different colors/hardnesses from black to yellow. Some are murky or solid green and not translucent others are spotted, what Im calling Leopard Serpentine and is translucent and looks identical to what you have pictured. I have several specimens form around the globe, it is a plentiful mineral. I also know it as serpentinated (green) marble, ever heard of that? I like carving it and have Lots, some of it looks identical to jade...but of course its not I did several specimen stones-Serpentine mixed with granite/jasper, massive garnet that were too highly figured to carve but are just down right Beautiful, I'll post some more on my intro so you can see the diversity of the stone. I have one 400#+ piece that was dragged off a mountain top here that is very hard but is not jade and its black nice texture is inviting...I'll get to it eventually. Hope this helps. James
  6. James K

    Fighting Bantams

    Hola! There is so much fantastic work here its not funny! I'm speechless - that's a good thing... Very cool (Unbelievably stunning) piece Natasha, thanks for sharing it.
  7. James K

    Medieval Ivories and Works of Art

    Along the same vein~ http://www.amazon.com/David-Marchand-1674-...g/dp/0853316864
  8. James K

    Excellent work!!!

    and there you have it. Exquisite! they don't call it a Master Ball for nothing.
  9. James K


    Right On! yes I know Alex quite well, he's been a great help to my career as an artist and is still a good source for ivory, or he was last time I talked to him a couple months back, and Sid is still cutting rocks-counter tops, head stones and the odd pretty. I think he will till the day he croaks. He still has the ten foot gantry diamond saw as well-@250 an hr! I dealt in ivory for alot of years, we must've met at some point? I found the local serpentine highly carvable and stock piled enough to carve but I'm onto jade at the moment and its like a door opened and I just stepped through. And you are right the material up here is something else! If your through here let me know you can stop in to the studio too. I dont get up that way often. Here's a few pics of different things I do. The bear claw necklace was taken from Liard Hot springs a month ago, it is possible it's in Alaska? if you see it please let me know
  10. James K

    Petrified Mammoth tooth

    Wow-nice! first time I've seen that! good work. I stand corrected. Thanks Chuck, you're one of the rare ones! Come to think of it anything is carvable...I've made cabs out of the plates they're nice.
  11. James K


    Hi all, I am a stone sculptor, jewelry maker. I have been carving for 15 years and have always done art of one kind or another. I have extensive experience with fossil ivories/ fossils/dinosaur material and just about everything else created on the earth. Presently I am learning to carve jade and am working on 200lb piece in preparation for the 400lb piece I have cut cabochons for about 20 years as a hobby and took up jewelry so I could put all those stones to use. I teach soft stone carving/fossil ivory carving. looking forward to seeing how a carving list fares-pretty unusual...but then we're a pretty unusual bunch so there ya go! Best James
  12. James K

    Petrified Mammoth tooth

    Slaightear, Mammoth teeth are rarely carved, they are far too brittle. I have used them for bases for mammoth ivory sculpture by preserving them which I do with cyanoacrilate and G2 epoxy. It is finicky business. I would not carve it though, that would likely to destroy the tooth as the plates have separated completely and you would need to fill all the gaps with epoxy for the carving to work. The one in the picture is nice and if cared for properly should fetch around $500. PM me if you want more info on this kind of work.