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  1. I love it! I really do appreciate the skill involved in trying to reproduce a natural object in a carving, but it is refreshing to see something with some real character, whimsy and creativity. Nice Job!
  2. These are incredibly cool. I have never seen anything like it, so original.
  3. Beautiful work. I really love your design.
  4. This is a beautiful carving. I love the textures and the composition.
  5. I finally completed this piece after working at it on and off for over a year. The fish, approx 2 inches long, is carved from cow bone, stained with tea. The eye is inlayed wood. The driftwood and rocks were found on the beach. The fish is curved around the driftwood so I have shown two slightly different angles in the image.
  6. Very beautiful work. The design is intricate and well executed. I also love the look of this wood with the finish you've chosen. Bryan
  7. It's very cool, with a stylized clean look. I look forward to seeing it when it is done. Bryan
  8. I like this very much. The compact form is very pleasing and I like the way you incorporated the raven into the head. How did you apply the wax? Bryan
  9. Beautiful work, as always Natasha. The explanation of the process is very interesting. Thank you. Bryan.
  10. Very nice work. I like it a lot. The hamster is so realistically rendered, yet it has so much character and charm. Well done.
  11. This is very beautiful. I love the composition, the detail and the tones.
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