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  1. there will be parasitic plants all over the world Dante meaning there should be orchids in Japan, however which species I do not know.
  2. thanks for articulating that so well Ford. It's almost as if the Harrods' customer attitude should be validated everywhere. @ Velin... Thank you for the assistance
  3. And who said that there aren't banana trees and bromeliae in Japan?
  4. Dante. I would suggest banana leaf or bromeliae. It is the usual environment in which I used to find tree frogs in the jungle in any case and their weight would often bend the leaf around in a pleasant and elegant way... in fact my sketchbook is filled with ideas which orbit around tree frogs and banana leaves. And for what is worth and not meaning any disrespect to anyone. I am glad these discussions stay in the open. If one cannot see beyond our own noses and gracefully accept the beneficial fruit of adult discussion then it is best to wrap yourself in cotton wool and live that way... pr
  5. Probably not far off Ford. The ability to trap, use fire to cook what is caught (a means of primary digestion to break down nutrients... imagine how boring it would be to have to ruminate... also not very impressive when it comes to charming people with culinary skills) and therefore allow the brain to use glucose in higher doses did go a long way to make us what we are.
  6. The polarity of the atoms of a particular element dictate that, not evolution. Elements and compounds do not evolve. It's not that on a scientific level the discussion is not worth having, it is just that so much of it as Clive has explained is already there but you have to know where to find it. I would also like to thank Clive for bringing this topic up. I have been for long pondering about the same things and a large tract of the things you have said resonate with the conclusions I have reached so far (for myself). Your points about finding the right means of expression to communic
  7. Hyllyn


    That's a shame about the deer. I had the impression from the photo that it would have a lot more workable material than other antler that can be found. I was thinking about the stabilisation of the hippo tooth. I really know little about stabilising materials but I would imagine that the tubules are still filled up with the hydroxylapatite and something else as it is often the case when the replacement process gets started (perhaps the matrix it is in has collagen or something similar). So I don't know how much use it would be but perhaps fotocuring the material might solidify it just like
  8. Hyllyn


    My guess Clive having studied dentistry up to a certain point is just as it happens with humans Dentin and Cementum keep regenerating over most of our lives by means of reabsorption where possible and dentino-neogenesis. I don't need to be a vet to understand that in Hippos these teeth suffer from a lot of attrition and will develop erosion facets which need to be plugged in and repaired as the animal goes along (by means of generating more dentin and cementum to keep proper occlusion... also these teeth keep growing in hippos for as long as they live as far as I know). The strange format
  9. Hyllyn


    I definitely want photos via e-mail! Excellent stuff
  10. Slow connection made me double post, so will use the second post to paste the find He uses the same brand of oil gold size as you use Phil and then just uses the mops to push it in as you described. http://davidhuang.org/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=5069 http://davidhuang.org/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=5072 http://davidhuang.org/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=5078 it makes me think that because he did the patina before, there must be still a layer of oxides on the inside of the vessel prior to gilding. Of course he could always clean it up before but he would be risking some damage
  11. I think taking that route as appealing a technique as it seems these days, would have ruined the patina he puts on the vessels. I think he has some step by step pictorials but never about the leaf gilding bit as far as I recall. I will make some time soon and mail him and see, if no one else beats me to it first (which I don't mind if someone else does).
  12. Got the tools, now it's time to practice. I'm wondering though, what would you recommend if I wanted to gild metal with gold leaf?. Much like David Huang's work http://davidhuang.org/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=7915
  13. Hyllyn


    So do I because in a polished state, what I have looks like that sample you posted Doug.
  14. Hyllyn


    Excellent job Clive. I hope you don't mind me copying this into a notepad for personal reference?
  15. What would be the scientific name then of the species? if you don't mind.
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