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  1. Hi Ezz, That's a very interesting bit of information and better late than never Regards
  2. Beautiful work Bella, I especially like the your from the matching pendants and definitely like the Haida eagle head. I'm glad your still exploring the Haida style.
  3. Thanks Janel, I think it is good that people know about this Tony, no problem, he is just one guy I would not make a generality about Kiwi, actually I have to say that the carver I know from NZ have been really helpful in spreading the word about this one, guess he will not be able to scam so much people no more
  4. Hi everyone, I just want to inform people that there is a guy on FaceBook and possibly on other platform who's offering whale bone, ram horns, opals and other sort of material for what seem to be cheap, but don't be fool, the guy is just a plain scammer. I bought some whale bone a month ago from this guy and did not receive any news since and I'm in contact with one other person who's been "buying" bone from him too. So don't be foolish like I was, the guy name is Glen Corboy, his email address is glencorboy@hotmail.com. Hope this help people to not do business with him. Janel, if y
  5. Yloh, yes it is man made matertial. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corian
  6. Hi Dante, It is true that you don't post often but everytime you do....woaw. And, if I may, where are you on the ryusa netsuke in Jade?
  7. Hi Stefan, Yes I use WTF, but in your other topic. It seems to me a good answer from someone who's posting without the decendy to say hello and which on top of that is offering to sell a piece on a forum which is not dedicated to it. As for the texting language, even though english is not my first language, I'm completely able to understand it, but once again on a forum like this one, I do find that it is a lack of politness/education....but maybe that just me....or not by seeing how many people answer to your post......
  8. First no hello of any kind Second, SMS kind of writing Third, you are on a forum where people with the same passion are trying to share experience, techniques...etc so I would strongly suggest you to post this kind of topic on etsy or ebay. Fourth, on top of everything else, you posted your topic on the wrong section. I know, I'm french, I got temper...etc etc but WTF is going on here I might be disapprouved by some, but your kind of posting is one of the reason I don't come here so often anymore......
  9. Hi Stefen, I might be a pain, but could you avoid the SMS kind of writing.
  10. Hi Josh, Welcome around, seems like we have one more bone carver around As for your photo, you could use VSO Image resizer or LIght Image resizer, both freeware with a very easy to use interface for the last one. For tools informations, you could start there: http://www.thecarvin...-vs-micromotor/ http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2881-handpiece-and-micromotor-options/ http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2643-safety-tip-dust-extraction/ Hope this help. Christophe
  11. Hi Richard, Any news on this one? Hope nothing went wrong as it is almost 2years since you last post? Christophe
  12. Hi Michael, Well done on this one. Did you ever thought about working a bit more on the braiding of the "necklace"? I really think that your carving deserve better....but that might just be me. Anyway, congratulations on making the most out of such nice material. Christophe
  13. Kia Ora Billy, I guess it is needless to tell you that once again you've presented us an amazing carving with crispy lines and so on and so forth. One thing I really like on this one is the texture effect you've done on the lip of the mouth (am I clear?!) And this paua you've been using for the eye, man, what a beautiful color. As always: BRAVO. Christophe
  14. Hi Mark, Good to see that you carried on the painting way. I am especially amazed by the owl on a branch one, I had to look closely at the backgroung, 'cos I thought it was transparent and it was the shadow of the tree behind the carving that I could see through. And the first one....well looks to me like the bunny will jump out and starts moving. Congratulations. Christophe
  15. Hi Janel, Woaw, you've really mastered all the effects of photoshop, but I guess the hardest was to get the frog still for the picture.....lol Just kidding, I looked at this piece wondering when the frog would jump. I've always been impressed by your work, but this time...I don't know probably the smoothness of the finish on the frog, I'm in complete awe. As for the rest of the piece....well, Bravo. When I see this kind of work, I'm always wondering what the archeologist will think about it when they will discover it in lets say 2000years.....or more. Thank's for sharing Christoph
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