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  1. Stephen Mhyer's book has pictures but there are links and tutorials on this site if you search!
  2. Ian now makes slightly different tools to those shown at this link. I have both sets buying the ones shown in 1998 and they are still going strong the newer ones are a bit 'chunkier' and provide different cutting edges. Both work pretty well. Have also several made myself from a mix of screwdrivers, chisels and punches. Sandy Will try and send some photographs soon.
  3. Might work better cutting thin veneers of corian and then fitting carefully into a groove for inlaying and then polish down level with the surface? Works with organic material inlaying onto wood, bone etc.
  4. Beautiful. If I can just get the gum leaf pendant I am carving any where near as thin.....
  5. If you can get whale bone it can be very thick. Cattle bone manages to get to a max of about 15mm in small areas on a big piece and camel bones are apparently similar. the small thickness leads to quite a challenge in design sometimes but then that is half the fun!!!!!
  6. Well after about sixteen months of calling myself a carver and not actually carving I have now got some space to work and have started again. Will post a photo or two in the near future when I have found the camera. Sandy
  7. If you look at Janel's tool sets you will find one that is a circular metal rod cut at an angle and polished leaving an oval cross section. Using small versions of these tools you can get down into the low areas and gently polish/scrape the surface flat and then sand with tiny pieces of high grit paper on toothpicks. I personally quite like the contrast between the smooth raiessed areas and the rougher more rustic cut away areas.
  8. axminster.co.ukthey seem to have something similar on their website. Sandy 475635_s.jpg
  9. i thnink the more important thing is if they do what you want them to do! If they take of curly shavings they are probably fine! Sharpening often is better with a bit of glass - to keep things flat - and fine grit wet/dry paper. Sandy
  10. If you sand the tips using fine grade wet and dry on a sheet of glass you will get a smooth flat surface with sharp edges this should then work as a scraper/graver as the shape is the same as those i have made and use and also bought from The Bone Studio in NZ http://www.carving.co.nz I don't know if he still makes tools to order but he did until fairly recently and are great for bone carving and also seem to work on boxwood and ebony Sandy
  11. At the moment my bench is in a cardboard box awaiting building will post photo once there is something onit rather than it being in my imagination!
  12. This is an aesthetics topic. Is it just me or.... were the entire Team GB dressed up as Elvis impersonators?
  13. OK. And just as I was about to start carving again after moving to australia what do I see.....stunning technique and compaotion as ever.
  14. It just makes we want to take up guitar kaming!! Incredible as ever Janel Sandy
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