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  1. The lathe has been sold. Thank you all for your help. Audie
  2. Here are the pictures of the watch lathe...takes up about a foot of space or little less. All I am asking is a fair price. Audie
  3. I have a carving lathe for sale. Need to take a photo if it. Offer a fair price as I have no idea of it's value. It works and has most all of the collets. I think one or two may be missing. Audie
  4. Thank you, Yolh...it is worth a try.....Audie
  5. Danny, Thank you about the oil tip...yes, I must have been told wrong...am just learning all of this. I have just returned from a trip and am a little behind on e-mails. To all, the book, 2nd edition "American Lapidary" is just what I have been looking for! Lots to learn here but i will be making these tools shortly, as time permits. It does explain some of the trouble my carving was having. Debbie, thank you in advance for the fumed silica supplier. Thanks, everyone, very much...what a great friendly informative group:) Audie
  6. Debbie, I am on my way out the door for a few days but wanted to answer your note. Where does one purchase fumed siluca...or i can google., later. Ah, thank you for your info. My dentist has been kind to me about giving me drills but I, too, have a need for smaller bits, especially in the tight spots in the opals that have folded over layers, perfect for carving BUT with the right tools. I will check your website later. Thank you sooo much, Audie
  7. I am workshop general foreman for our rock club and refurbish the Nova wheels with 220 epoxy and diamond grit at the appropriate grit size...although not being able to get 280, I have had to resort to 260. They cut better than new. I can see where this would work on toothpicks and the such. I haven't tried the oil trick and can't on the Aussie opals. Have been told oil turns the opal yellow? I could sacrifice a Welo and see what happens. Maybe there isn't enough lubrication and that is where the uneveness of polish is coming into play. Never thought of needles and straight pins...explain...? Off to the East Coast tomorrow for a few days. Thanks for all of the convo, peeps. Audie
  8. Tim, I just ordered the book from Color Wright, same price as you quoted. I had a computer meltdown and purchased a notebook, transferring data and loosing bookmarks isn't fun...that is why there has been silence from this end. Anyway, I want to thank everyone for their excellent answers and I fully intend to master this process...grrrr:) Thanks again, Audie PS some photos of my carved Welo opal
  9. My friend stopped by and showed me how to use the watchmakers lathe...we turned the piece that holds the chuck around to point to the left and it looks as if it will work just fine. Is different than a rotary tool in that it can be cleaned. It has a motor attached to a band that drives the points, much like a wooden spool apparatus. There are different grooves in which to put the belt to increase or decrease speed, it is on the slowest right now. The good thing is that both hands are free. The points and bits will probably arrive next week while I am gone but will report back. Need to get ready for the class next week, cut slabs, make hand outs, ect. Audie
  10. Great stuff Debbie....mine is more mundane: http://community.webshots.com/user/audieanne that is why I am getting into carving opals. Your turquoise is talking to me,,,nin free form and my turquoise is just setting there gathering dust, I just ordered the nova mini carving points....the bullets full compliment of grits. http://www.diamondpacific.com/freecatalogfromd.html This is the whole catalog you have to download...they are on page 78 (have heard good things about them). I also ordered some soft dremel bristle brushes for diamond paste just for the heck of it. Not sure what will work, yet. Need to look into the mizzy's. Do you prefer zam or fabuluster...have had opinions either way. Never thought of the glass grinder, I have one I use to groove a cab for wire wrap and of course it came with the diamond drum (probably too big for what I want). Ordered some cheap bits from widget supply, love that site. I have a foredom knock off, too...but I like the key-less chuck on the dremel...will deal with motor burn up when the time comes (have a cheap one that came with something else I wanted)...have been up to my ears in cabbing students and am getting ready to teach at William Holland's Federation Week, next week. A club member gave me a jewelry lathe but it is antique and he is going to have to help me get it going...actually I think it is for watches. Thanks for the help...all help is appreciated. Audie
  11. Does anyone make their own carving points for stone? Say wood loaded with either diamond paste (various grits on different points) or epoxy loaded with diamond grit? Need to cut and polish fine detail in different hardness of stone. Thought I 'd ask here on this site...not a lot out there. Am using a dremel flex shaft attached to a foot pedal. Found a cute little battery operated thing at Harbor Freight, takes a 1/16 shaft and found some carving points on a lapidary site but that is just for the initial carving and not for polishing...the Novas points are too large. Audie
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