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  1. Dmitrij

    Corian Pendants

    Some my pendants that I carved
  2. Dmitrij

    Wood Pendants

    Thank you ! More pendants: And one from elk antler:
  3. Dmitrij

    Wood Pendants

    More wood pendants:
  4. Dmitrij

    Wood Pendants

    More pendants.. African blackwood: Jatoba:
  5. Dmitrij

    Wood Pendants

    Thank you ! More pendants:
  6. Dmitrij

    Wood Pendants

    Hello everybody ! This pendant I carve out of exotic wood - Red heart It is impregnated with linseed oil American cherry wood: Sucupira:
  7. Dmitrij

    Antler Rings

    Material - deer and elk antler.
  8. Dmitrij

    Maori Pendants

    Material - cow bone, deer and elk anter
  9. Dmitrij

    Flower Pendants

    Material - cow bone.
  10. Dmitrij

    My Carving Works.

  11. Dmitrij

    My Carving Works.

    Hello everybody ! Some my carving works.
  12. Some of my work. Bull bone carving.