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  1. ezekiel,,i am glad to see your interest in carving gemstones.i have been in the carving business for almost 50 years and i can tell you that your best source for diamond tools is danny lopacki.ihave used his tools for years.over the years i have used tools from a lot of sources and have had better service with his tools.i am not able to use the computer much anymore but if i can help you in anyway,let me know and i will get back to you.good luck with your carving.best regards,kenneth neaves
  2. hello to all of you,i have been looking in on the forum the last few months but have been to shakey to send a message.the doctors have started me on a cemo drug for my autheritis and it has realy helped my shaking.it is good to see all of the new members that have joined and everything that is going on.best regards,ken
  3. hello to all of you,i hope you are all well .i did a lot of small jewelry type carvings this summer and had hoped to have some pictures to show you.my grandaughter takes the pictures for me and this summer her college work took her to spain,so no pictures.i am getting so shakey i can't use the computer anymore,i hit too many keys.i want to wish all of you fine folks a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and GOD bless all of you.best regards to all,kenneth neaves
  4. kurt,very nice.keep going and trying new things.best regards,ken
  5. danny,about time we saw some work from your new shop.this is very fine.i have not been carving much lately,i don't know if old age is the problem or plain being lazy.i hope you have not had any problem with the fires out there.best regards,kenneth neaves
  6. colin,i have been carving stone since 1968 and i have always used 5 minute epoxy.hope this helps.best regards,kenneth neaves
  7. hello to all of you fine folks,i thank you for the kind messages you have sent.i am carving again.i have been carving ivory carvings from a tusk i bought in 1970.my grandaughter will be home soon and i hope to get some pictures made.i have been checking the forum every week and it looks like all of you are doing some fine work.i am only on the line on thursday.best regards to all of you,kenneth neaves
  8. tom,daniel lopacki has white jade.best regards,kenneth neaves
  9. james,at one time i tryed sintered diamond tools,they don't wear even and get bumpy and can ruin what you are working on.allof the ones i had i threw away and went back to the plated tools.Lopacki is the best place to get your tools.the plated 600 grit tools need to be run at low speed and they will do fine.best regards to all,kenneth neaves
  10. hello to all of you,i have been carving some flowers from ivory,i have never worked much with ivory and don't think i am using the right tools.i am using diamond tools like i use on stone.would some of you advise me on what tools i need to use.best regards,kenneth neaves
  11. hello to all you fine folks,i am feeling a lot better now and am back to carving a little now.i want to wish all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and GOD bless all of you.best regards,kenneth neaves
  12. hello to all of you,i am doing a little carving now but i am as slow as molasses in january.i hope to do some carving for my family for Christmas.i am thinking about selling my collection of carvings and most of my rough material,do any of you have any suggestions?hope to have some pictures on by Christmas.best regards to all of you,kenneth neaves
  13. hello to all of you,it has been a rough summer for me.seems like i have moved in with the doctors.it has been 1 or 2 trips a week since spring.i am feeling better now but just about missed this summer.i will try to check in with you fine folks more often now. i hope allof you are doing ok.i am doing a little carving now.thanks for the calls and letters and may GOD bless all of you.best regards,ken
  14. hello to all of you,in a few days i will be leaving the internet.i have made a lot of friends on this forum and some other forums.i hope that if it is not to much trouble that janel will keep the pictures of my carvings on here for people to see.i will miss all of you very much.MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU FINE FOLKS.best regards,kenneth neaves
  15. janel,the top one is opal inlaid in black onyx.the blue ones are gem silica chrysocolla, fairly rare and expensive stone.the bottom ones are opal inlaid in quartz and backed with black jade.i can't do as good a job inlaying as i used to,i am to shakey.best regards,kenneth neaves
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