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  1. Heidi, Have not been here for quite sometime. At this time in my life I am spending my time on carving fire agate and making my single beads. Welcome to the group I am sure you will enjoy it. All my best ............. Danny
  2. As always your work is wonderful, amazing how prolific you are. Thanks for posting these. All my best ........... Danny
  3. Thanks Ken I have a jadeite bead started and I assure you jadeite is much more difficult to work, also have a few more in nephrite underway. Will post new beads as they are finished. All my best ........... Danny
  4. It has been quite awhile since I have posted anything, the main reason being is that most people don’t consider what I do as carving. I must point out that anything a lapidary makes has been carved even if it is a cabochon it starts out as a piece of rough stone that has to be worked through many processes to become a final finished piece of stone work. At this time in my life I am spending the majority of my time making hard stone beads. My latest series are beads that have been inspired by ancient Bactrian/Indus valley beads with designs that you just do not see being made by contemporary b
  5. Hans, I admire your patience and skill. Obviously a very diversified craftsman. A wonderful piece thank you for posting it. All my best .......... Danny
  6. I think if you have access to an electric vulcanizer like those used to make rubber molds this might give you the bond you are after. All my best ...... Danny
  7. Natasha, As always all I can say is your one of the best of the best. This piece is wonderful, thank you for posting it. All my best .......... Danny
  8. Wonderful thank you for posting this. All my best ........ Danny
  9. Wonderful thank you for posting this. All my best ........ Danny
  10. Michael, As I said on the lapidary forum this is truly a wonderful piece of work. I will ask again what is the length? All my best .. Danny
  11. Ezz, Welcome to the forum. I am not offended regarding the use of ivory or tortoise shell. I have some old ivory and quite a bit of tortoise shell and know that if I were to put it on display in finished product I may find myself in trouble. To me this is crazy as the material has been around since prior to all of the bans, I cannot prove this and even if I could I would still encounter problems if I were to try and sell product made with it ............. Crazy world we live in!! A wonderful carving please continue to post. All my best ...... Danny
  12. Oleg, Thank you for posting this wonderful carving. All my best ......... Danny
  13. Lachlan, Can you give us some dimensions ? Don't know if its a pendent or a large piece. All my best ..... Danny
  14. Lachlan Wonderful piece and workmanship, I think it should do well in the competition I will be voting once they have it opened I am most anxious to see all of the wonderful pieces. Good luck All my best ......... Danny
  15. As the saying goes "necessity is the father of invention". I have many tools in my shop that I made otherwise I would not have them. Very unique! All my best ........ Danny
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