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  1. WayneT

    Do I Make It A Bead Or Ball

    Great ball Danny and beautiful colour in the stone! I'm with Janel and no help to you as I have no idea were the hole should be or even if there should be a hole
  2. WayneT

    For Kenneth

    Looking very cool danny
  3. WayneT

    New Work Posted

    Beautiful work Janel!
  4. WayneT

    Clothes Pin Vise

    Very cool Danny thanks for sharing!
  5. WayneT

    Earthquake Rattles Christchurch New Zealand

    Thanks for the kind words and thoughts! The earth quake 6.4 0n the rictor scale and very shallow has hit Cristchurch which is in the South Island, lots of damage with the death toll at the moment at 75 and expected to rise. I'm based in Auckland in the North Island but I have freinds in the area and luckly they have not been hurt. The tragic thing is Cristchurch was hit by a 7.1 earthquake a few months ago that caused a lot of damage but thankfully no loss of life. They were just getting back on track to be hit again is gut renching for them! Cheers Wayne
  6. WayneT

    Tree Frog

    Fantastic work Cornel, such incredible detail thanks for sharing!! Cheers Wayne
  7. WayneT

    Free tsuba making film

    Hello Remo, What a gift and what a fantastic film, the patience and skill that Ford shows in the creation of this art work is truly amazing. I especially like the creation of the inlays for the tiger strips, as Ford said in the film such a lot of work to add such a subtle effect but adds so much to the the final product. Please pass on my congratulations to Ford for producing this film, not just to see this fantastic work of art but to allow us to see the steps in creating it as well!! Cheers Wayne
  8. WayneT

    Quick! Grab a camera

    Hi Danny, I had a look at your new studio you are building on your web page and it is certainly impressive. I can see why you are excited and keen to move in and start to create in that space! Cheers Wayne
  9. WayneT

    Quick! Grab a camera

    Hello Janel, Well this is my workbench, not as flash as most people but it's still a work in progress. Currently I'm working on a Kowhai flower made from Rumi. So much that I want to do and so little time and cash to do it! Cheers Wayne
  10. WayneT

    New web article on my work

    Hello Phil, What a great job and to work in such a wide range of subjects and materials must be very satisfying. Thanks for the insight to your world. Cheers Wayne
  11. WayneT

    Carp and lotus leaves

    Hello Natasha, Fantastic work and an excellent explanation on the process of the creation, your work is very inspirational!! Thank you for sharing. Cheers Wayne
  12. WayneT

    New Member Intro

    Hello Bob, I'm a newbie just like you so welcome on board and like you I'm finding a huge amount of information and inspiration. Thanks for the images of your work, I do like the character of the cowboy. Cheers Wayne
  13. WayneT

    Is Inlay Stonework Carving?

    Incredible work Danny! I'm very impressed in how the fit is so good it looks like just one piece. Thanks for sharing the advice it makes a lot of sense and it will save a lot of time. I look forward to putting it into practice. Once again thanks for showing your work and sharing your advice. Cheers Wayne
  14. WayneT

    Is Inlay Stonework Carving?

    Hello Danny, Dam I was hopping for a silver bullet, well it's back to perseverance, patience and practice!! The fish is great I'm just amazed with the fit of the stones I like the design as well and getting the circle for the eye so perfect must have been very time consuming. Thanks for the advice!! Cheers Wayne
  15. WayneT

    Is Inlay Stonework Carving?

    Hello Danny, Thanks for the reply, how do you get the fit on your stone so tight, do you have any tricks that you can share that would help a novice out? Both in the best ways of fitting the shell and what you use to glue it in? The Mother of pearl on the White faced Heron took me a long time, cutting each piece checking the fit, adjusting, checking the fit and gluing in. I spent half the time crawling around the carpet looking for the pieces that had flicked out of my hand that I had been working on for the last 30min! I look forward to seeing your other work! Cheers Wayne