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  1. I was checking out Daniel Lopacki's burrs and noticed a link to "The Carving Path". Thought to stop in and say hello. \o/ Out there/ Here is the last off the workbench in dark green Wyoming jade. Red skinned rough. ----------------------James --------------------"Digipod" on Etsy
  2. I am looking for a good, balanced, 600 mesh Sintered burr? Did noticed "Graves" and "Diamond Pacific" carry them. But are veeery small. I have not discussed this with any carvers: ------------ Has anyone tried these or know of a supplier for the carving trade? ----I have seen some very nice tools in shop photos of professional gem carvers. -------------=Threaded Cameo Lathe tools look better than anything/so far. -----------------= But have no idea where they were manufactured? --------=I have used all the electroplated tools available and they work well. ------
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