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  1. I'm thinking about putting some stuff up on Etsy.com. I know it's more of a "craft" type market place, but I've been doing a little market research, and there are some amazing things being sold on etsy. So I was just curious, has anyone else started a store on etsy? If so, how's it going? A question for everyone, are there other options similar to etsy without traveling all over? Any thoughts on using a site like etsy would be great. thanks, Izzy ps. I know it's been a while, but the family and I just bought a house, and I finally have a shop (the garage, which no cars are allowed to enter) glad to be back. Just finished a stylized frog, I'll post some pics when I get them taken.
  2. Izzy


    I believe carving is a sub-set of sculpture. Sculpture includes both additive (ceramics) and subtractive (carving) processes. that is their relationship. After saying that, I think a LOT of the carving done (especially where wood is concerned) has been more of a craft lately, and many supplies can be found at the local hobby lobby. Where as sculpture is now considered a different beast altogether. I think our perceptions of the words are the only thing that has really changed.
  3. Izzy

    Wax Ring Carving And Finished Product

    Dennis, there is a formula you can follow to figure out what the inside circumference of your ring needs to be. When working with metal you can be off by a milimeter or two on the big side and cut out a little before you solder. you can figure out what circumference of ring you need with the following: 39 mm = size 0 ring add 2.5 mm x finished size. for example, I wear a size 11 so to figure the finished size I do the following 39 + (2.5*11) = 39 + 27.5 = 66.5 I would add a couple mm's to make up for the outside circumference, but carving it out of a less maleable material, you could figure out the inner circumference, then leave a little extra material on the outside. Then you can adjust the inner circumference a little bigger, and then finish from the outside in. make sure to post pics. OP: nice work on the wax, that's a big diamond.
  4. Izzy

    How to create usfull gravering table

    Sorry to bring back an old thread, but for anyone searching the site they may be interested in the black tar-like substance in the above photo. I believe it's pitch, it holds a piece in place especially during repousse/chasing.
  5. Izzy

    Mother's Day Rose

    I like this piece. It has inspired me to try some antler. What section of antler were the bud/rose carved from. I didn't notice any porous areas like I would expect to see in the center of the antler. What's the diameter of the rose? thanks,
  6. Izzy

    Help For Novice Please

    wow, that's a lot of detail for a second foray into carving. there is a lot going on in there. The penguin is cute. Depending on the style of work you are trying to get across, you could probably just spray with danish oil. for this I would use a well ventilated area, and dangle the piece off a string or fishing line. And spray lightly, a few coats should be sufficient. If you want it to really shine, you'll need to do some more sanding/buffing first. nice job.
  7. Izzy

    Small Diameter Ring Making?

    I agree with magnus homestead. Depending on the strength you need from the joint, and alternative to silver soldering a "wedding band" out of silver, you could fuse a similar "wedding band" from argentium silver. It's the same silver content as sterling silver, but doesn't tarnish, and it is just as easy to fuse the ends together as it is to solder them. I actually made my Wife's and my wedding bands out of argentium silver. I would still buy it in the half round wire and use the same approach to forming the ring, but fusing will give a more solid joint. you can get either fine silver, or argentium silver in half round wire from riogrande.com under the metals category. good luck. ps, another option I guess would be to cut the rings out of flat stock, I believe you should easily find stock of the correct thickness (translates to width of ring), but that would require ALOT of sawing and would be quite time consuming.
  8. Izzy

    E-Mail Package

    There are free antivirus options out there (avg and avast to name a few). If you have an antivirus installed, you can save the attachment and scan for viruses by right clicking on the file and selecting "scan for viruses". also, if you don't know who the sender is, just don't open it.
  9. I'm having trouble uploading the photos, here are two views.
  10. Hey guys, I've been sitting on this piece of wood for a few years now, and finally decided to carve a form that would show off the grain of the wood. It's a piece of Desert Mesquite burl, and has amazing grain figure. Sculpture is about 2 inches tall by 2 inches wide. Sanded to 400 grit, and 3 coats of clear Danish Oil. I'm not into photography, so the pictures aren't great, but here's the end result. comments/criticisms welcome
  11. Izzy

    Dying Holly Wood

    Ed, I have never used Holly, but I understand it to be a really white wood. The closest experience I have, would be with basswood. I use acrylic paint mixed with water to make a "wash". This method would get the color on the wood, but would also leave the grain visible. I imagine Holly is a harder wood than basswood, so it may not take this technique very well. I guess it would also depend on how pronounced the grain is. Also, a wash like this probably wouldn't be very bright. Maybe if you had a couple pieces of scrap, you could try a few different methods. good luck, Izzy
  12. root detail. And my signature underneath