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  1. Hi Yloh my apologies for not replying and thanking you earlier, this is very helpful. It would appear from the picture that it is the same mark, is there any way I could find out how old this is. Bob
  2. Is ther anyone that can help with identifying an old makers mark on these vases I have Bob
  3. Hi I have a large brass vase that has flowers on it which I thought might have been silver, however when it is not cleaned it turns a dark blue, I believe this could be Gun metal can someone confirm this. Also could someone identify the flower
  4. I must firstly appologise for repeating this subject how be it slightly different from my previous post "Identifiying some Japanese Vases". Now that I now know with the help of Henrick Y and Danny that they are in fact Chinese I wonder if someone could translate the Chinese mark on the base Bob
  5. here are a couple of not too good pictures of the vase
  6. Thank you Danny, I have another large very heavy brass vase which I believe is English Victorian. On the front is an Anchor and flowers. The flowers I thought were silver but when it is not polished it goes blue. Would I be right in saying it is Gun metal and not silver. I will endeavour to get a picture later. Bob
  7. I think you could be right about it being Chinese so now I am looking for someone to translate the chinese
  8. I wonder if anyone can identify this craftsmans mark, I presume they are Japanese, and as I cant understand Japanese I expect I may have it upside down, but if anyone can tell me anything about the vases I would be forever grateful.
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